Projects are becoming larger, more complex, and more strictly regulated than ever before. Multiple stakeholders with competing requirements require experts who can design and build assets that meet your expectations while developing strategies to manage the entire process.

Hatch’s earth science disciplines look at the geotechnical conditions, hydrogeology impacts, surface water, civil site development (lay of the land), and geospatial aspects. Our action plans and designs consider all related earth science matters that affect project costs, including geotechnical risk, uncertainty, climate change, land use, water impacts, and the environment to ensure a cost-effective approach and infrastructure resiliency. Taking a project from concept to operation is a partnership. Our team of multidisciplinary engineers and scientists operates in the earth science space with a shared commitment to your project, the surrounding communities, and the environment.

Together, we deliver success.

The benefits of partnering with Hatch Earth Sciences and Engineering

Your projects are our priority. Our engineering, procurement, and construction management expertise – combined with our geotechnical, hydrotechnical, civil site development, and geospatial services – produce innovative, sustainable solutions.

As your partner, Hatch will provide knowledgeable, unparalleled advice to assist with:

  • Project strategies—from selecting the best sites, obtaining permits, and meeting all safety standards.
  • Understanding and defining ground and site conditions.
  • Providing cost-efficient designs for facilities and structures from concept through to commissioning and operations.
  • Managing risks, cutting capital costs, and reducing operating expenditures.


Civil engineering

Our civil engineering group is internationally recognized and respected. Our experts provide all aspects of design, including roads, earthworks, landfills, and drainage for commercial, industrial, and public developments.


Our wide range of experience will help you determine the best course of action for your hydrogeology projects. Complex hydrogeological situations on land or in marine settings often require specific, unique solutions. Permafrost and soft ground engineering, groundwater capture and cut-off, underground and surface rock mechanics, ports and marine offshore geotechnics, and ground improvement requirements all present different challenges and issues. Our team of specialists has the expertise to provide timely, cost-effective solutions. to help you determine the best path forward.

Geotechnical laboratory services

Hatch’s fully equipped geotechnical laboratory is certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) and provides complete testing for soil and rock mechanics. Our facility’s services have been honed for over a half-century and can assist your project with a wide range of testing capabilities including everything from standard materials testing to more sophisticated analyses such as aggregate alkali reaction (AAR) and aggregate silica reaction (ASR).


Our geo-environmental specialists provide reliable solutions for contaminated sites, waste management and disposal, sediment management, and erosion. This interdisciplinary field encompasses concepts and inputs from environmental, geotechnical, hydrotechnical, and water resources engineers and scientists.

Water resources and hydrotechnical

We handle everything from site drainage to complex river and civil structure conveyance hydraulics, to basin-wide water-management planning. Our deep bench of experts has been involved in water resource development, planning, and management for a comprehensive range of projects around the world. We have built a global team of highly experienced hydrotechnical engineering specialists focused on municipal hydraulics, riverine and lake hydraulics, and hydrology.


Our experts ensure and prioritize safe and sustainable designs for the entire life cycle of your project. We provide geotechnical support for commercial and industrial developments such as process plants, open pits, mines, rail and road, dams, power facilities, and pipelines. Working collaboratively with our multidisciplinary teams maximizes ground investigations and ensures that project development goals are met.


Hatch’s geospatial services team designs and builds geographic information systems to support effective and timely decisions based on intelligent location and object data. GIS and proprietary technologies, such as HatchMAP, can help you manage and access your project, facility, or portfolio information and are accessible from apps, desktop software, or web-based mapsto ensure you can locate your information where and when you need it.

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