Hatch announces alliance with Development Partner Institute (DPI), strengthens its commitment to sustainability in mining

March 29, 2017
John Bianchini
John Bianchini shares the Hatch vision for sustainable development in the mining industry.

Hatch is pleased to announce its founding partnership with the Development Partner Institute (DPI) (dpimining.org), an organization that is focused on creating global prosperity through innovation. Building upon the transformative multi-stakeholder work started by the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) in 2013, DPI was officially formed in December 2016 and is supported by visionary leaders from the mining sector.

On March 4, 2017, a small group of Presidents, CEOs, and senior executives gathered to show their support for progress in the area of corporate social responsibility and embrace a new approach to development. 

“The first event to launch the Development Partner Institute in Canada has been a pinnacle moment in our history,” explained Peter Bryant, Board Chair of DPI. “Together we’re on a mission to fundamentally change the mining industry’s extractive business model from insular and reactive to integrated and proactive, ultimately delivering economic, environmental, and social shared purpose to the communities where we live and work.”
Peter Bryant
Peter Bryant launches the Development Partner Institute with leaders from the mining and metals industry at its inaugural event in Canada.
The thought-provoking forum enabled discussion on the value a new framework could bring to communities around the world as they seek to create diversified economies and sustainable frameworks that support the industry, community, and other local stakeholders. Having worked with the sector in the area of sustainability for over two decades, Hatch recently launched its Sustainable Business Model to support clients as they seek to ensure long-term sustainability by engaging earlier, increasing collaboration, developing meaningful community partnerships, meeting or exceeding environmental regulation, and diversifying local economies.


“We want to see the conversation move from one where communities oppose mining, to one where the industry is welcomed as a development partner,” said John Bianchini, CEO of Hatch, and key advisor to DPI. “It’s time we start thinking about corporate social responsibility as an enabler to investment, just like confirmatory drilling, or early process test work,” he added. “We can’t continue with business as usual. New social awareness and global connectivity won’t allow it—and neither should we. Together, we need to nurture long-term relationships and make decisions whereby we can live in our communities with integrity.” 
 Hatch joins Anglo American and Exxaro Resources as supporters in this effort.