30th Annual CMPNOQ Conference

Face your toughest challenges and get more from your operation, with the help of Hatch

September 12-14, 2018
Hôtel Forestel
Val D’Or, Quebec, Canada

It's becoming more difficult to exploit new ore deposits profitably. The minerals you're looking for are found in areas that are more and more remote. Grades are declining. Extraction is more complicated. Facilities are outdated, and now more than ever, you need to conserve energy and water. 

Once again, we're a proud sponsor of the upcoming CMPNOQ (Canadian Mineral Processors Nord-Ouest Québécois). Our mineral processing experts will be there to meet you and hear about your unique challenges.

Our very own Stefanie Vo, 2nd Vice Chairman of the CMP and Process Engineer at Hatch will also participate in the Panel:

Panel - Past, Present and Future : 30 years of innovation
Wednesday September 12
From 3:30 to 5:00 pm.

Let's talk about how we can partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative. Let’s talk positive change.

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