In this issue... PODCAST: Building Resilience | United Nations Global Compact CoP Report | Inclusive design helps do the heavy lifting
Building Resilience
The Building Resilience podcast highlights why resilience within an organization is critical in an ever-changing world. Listen to the first two episodes, Operational Integrity and Catastrophic Risk.
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United Nations Global Compact CoP Report
Our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supports our pursuit for a better world through positive change. Find out how in our inaugural Communication of Progress (CoP) Report.
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Inclusive design helps do the heavy lifting
Today’s progressive businesses understand that leveraging diversity in their organization will bring long-term benefits such as employee satisfaction, better safety records, and sustainable productivity.
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Safety management done right
A Safety Management System is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We build implementation strategies centered around the culture of each respective client.
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Australia’s largest road project
The North East Link project, the largest ever investment in Melbourne’s northeast, will transform the way people move around the city.
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Kenmare releases documentary of massive WCP B relocation
Using specialized equipment and an expert team, this documentary shows how Kenmare overcame the challenges created by a global pandemic to complete this record-breaking task.
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A long-term approach to technology performance management
Our life cycle services solution provides support for our proprietary, world-leading technologies, with a focus on meeting or exceeding performance benchmarks.
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Deadline extended for the Hatch-CIM Mining and Minerals Safety Award
The Hatch-CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award recognizes project safety programs that achieve above-average statistics, feature rigorous training, and have regular auditing. Nominations are due January 16.
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Heavy-tailed risk events and how to deal with them
Studying the tails of distributions is essential for risk management. Whether in probabilistic risk assessment or even in qualitative hazard studies, risk management aims to understand tail events. Read more »
Partnering for improved educational outcomes
We partner with The Smith Family, Australia’s leading children’s education charity, to help young Australians in need get the most out of their education and enable them to create better futures for themselves. Read more »
Hatch receives University of Waterloo’s Friend of the Faculty Award
The award honors Hatch’s commitment to training the next generation of engineers and innovators through support of the university’s Faculty of Engineering. Read more »
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