Optimized performance

Risk and integrity management

Improved design, operability, and maintainability

Continuous improvement focus

Life Cycle Challenges

Faced with economic uncertainty, fluctuations in commodity prices, and rapidly evolving legislation, companies like yours are having to find new solutions for unprecedented challenges. In addition to increased demands for production efficiency, facility modernization, and optimized operations, organizations must also reduce risk, retain specialized technical skills, and adhere to more stringent environmental compliance standards.

You are looking for stable, predictable operations with best-in-class process and equipment performance that allows you to achieve sustainable results across the value chain, all while operating safely and efficiently. While you focus on increasing productivity and improving returns, you want to preserve the capacity for growth and future innovation. You need a partner that can drive strategy and help unlock greater value from your assets without the need for major investments in capital or resources.

Whether it’s finding new technologies and tools, or adapting and modernizing existing ones, it’s about having the credibility to achieve smarter solutions.

Our life cycle services solution provides support for our proprietary, world-leading technologies, with a focus on meeting or exceeding performance benchmarks. You will have access to detailed knowledge related to equipment design and controls systems, decades of lessons learned and troubleshooting from the operation of similar technology, as well as process control and monitoring technology, inspection tools and methods, specialized analysis, and risk management techniques.

Life Cycle Solutions

Asset and integrity management

We have deep knowledge of our technology through lessons learned over more than sixty-five years, along with specialized monitoring and maintenance techniques. You have deep knowledge of your operations. We can bring this together with the best asset management practices to reduce risk, improve predictability, and maximize asset life.

Process optimization

Irrespective of your process improvement goals, we can support your team in getting there. We bring a global network of expertise with fundamental process understanding, modeling, and analytics, an understanding of the equipment limits, benchmarks from industry, and even time to think about your challenges while you deal with day-to-day operations.

Risk management

Through a structured approach to identifying risk and prioritizing lessons learned from the industry, we can help you learn from others to avoid unwanted events and plan for major repairs. This approach will support your strategic decisions, avoid major business disruptions, and maximize the risk-adjusted returns on your invested capital.

Life cycle planning

Through robust life cycle planning, you can optimize sustaining capital investments, effectively implement new technology, improve long-term production planning, optimize full asset life cycle cost and risk, and improve decision-making. We can help build technology improvement roadmaps, sustaining capital program and management plans, strategies, and life cycle cost structures.


We can help you bring data and information from multiple sources into one place and make it accessible to all stakeholders while helping you make sense of it. By decreasing the time between collecting data, developing an understanding of what it says, and sharing that information more broadly across multiple experts, you will make better decisions, faster.

Performance alliances

We look to build long-term relationships where we openly share knowledge and resources to achieve your objectives. We will help you define smart key performance indicators, set targets, and put some skin in the game around achieving performance outcomes in a fully-integrated, long-term partnership.


Focused on technology performance, our life cycle services solution provides:

  • leadership in best-in-class technology and operations support
  • access to global expertise with local presence
  • capabilities in remote service monitoring and support
  • data-driven, full life cycle approach
  • performance-driven commercial models aligned with your objectives
  • value-driven solutions that emphasize business results

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