In this issue... Setting up your operation for success: project and construction management through to commissioning and ramp-up
Maximizing the final phase in project execution
Commissioning is the final phase in project execution and the first step in setting up the operating team for success. It requires a staged approach–utilizing the right people, systems, tools, and experience.
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Commissioning in a digital world: navigating new systems to find real value
Managing construction, pre-commissioning, and commissioning processes can result in shipping containers full of paperwork! The industry’s turning to sophisticated completions software to optimize the delivery of projects and improve cost/schedule certainty.
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Making certain that the right people, systems, and equipment are ready to perform
Implementing a structured operational readiness, commissioning, and ramp-up (OCR) program early in the project life is by far the best investment and de-risking strategy any project could embark on.
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Operational readiness: how to ensure your new operation delivers nameplate capacity
Even mature, experienced companies often underestimate the amount of attention OR requires and how serious the effects can be if it isn’t done properly.
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Building an award-wining hydropower generating station in remote Canada
The award-winning Keeyask generating station is remotely located, in the northern part of Manitoba, with a construction schedule challenged by a sub-arctic climate.
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Planning and executing a comprehensive operational readiness program
The Al Taweelah alumina refinery is EGA’s first and the first of its kind in the UAE. Accordingly, EGA needed to develop new systems to cater for alumina production.
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Delivering the largest single urban rail project in the western United States
The Denver Regional Transportation District’s FasTracks Program comprised a major expansion to include new light rail, commuter rail, and express bus service.
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Keeping the construction of a new port terminal on schedule despite COVID-19
Argos’ new port terminal sustainable upgrade and a technological investment was inaugurated last week and will triple its capacity to receive and export cement products in Colombia.
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Choose the best delivery model for your capital project
Effective project management is a balancing act. Every project is different, with its own priorities, conditions, challenges, and risks. The magic, when it happens, isn’t really magic at all. Read more »
A hot new take on depth of frost penetration
Predicting depth of frost penetration is an important consideration for most infrastructure, mining, and hydropower projects. Read more »
Achieving Platinum Elite status in the list of Canada’s 100 Biggest Infrastructure Projects
This year, we have been a part of over thirty-one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Canada—reaching the highest tier on ReNew Canada’s list of Canada’s 100 Biggest Infrastructure Projects. Read more »
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