Port Expansion Project - Customs Free Zone Argos

Argos to triple its export capacity from Cartagena

Zona Franca Argos S.A.S | Cartagena, Colombia | 2018-2022

$42 million investment in port infrastructure

High technological and environmental standards to lower particulate matter emissions below 20 mg/Nm3

Project employed approximately 1,200 people


  • Provide timely, cost-effective, sustainable solutions that assist Argos in constructing a new port terminal that will triple its capacity to receive and export products
  • The new terminal will substantially increase cement exports to the United States, taking advantage of the growing demand for construction materials in that country
  • The project requires civil, electrical, mechanical, and automation and control work while maintaining current operation with minimum downtime
  • Use technologies to reduce atmospheric emissions to comply with both the environmental and legal requirements, as well as the BASC, OEA and ISPS requirements
  • Taking the necessary safety precautions to keep the construction project on schedule despite the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Oversaw the integration of all disciplines and equipment suppliers
  • Integrated local engineering performed by the civil designer
  • Provided detailed mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation and control engineering
  • Delivered innovative plans, reports, dynamic simulations, 3D models, and CAPEX elaboration
  • Supported review of information and structures in the field and performed the inspection of the equipment received by the project’s main supplier


  • The new terminal will offer a loading rate of 1,200 tons per hour for cement and 900 tons per hour for clinker
  • More than 16,000 Hatch hours were invested in engineering activities across all disciplines
  • Technical support in the field, and inspection of equipment delivered by the main supplier of the project, added value to the client for the development of the project
  • At the completion date, this megaproject will have used more than 10,000 cubic meters of concrete, 1,200 tons of reinforcing steel, about 5 kilometers of piling, and will have installed 2,658 tons between equipment and metal structure

Project numbers

$42 million
750,000 man-hours, more than 16,000 Hatch hours invested
1,200 employed throughout the entire project
Draft of 12.8 meters
Reduced emission below 20 mg/Nm3
Export volumes of cement and clinker up to 3.5 million tons per year
New terminal 152 meters long by 18 meters wide
Vessels of up to 60,000 deadweight tons
Access walkway 170 meters long
One-kilometer-long tubular strip
Loading rate of 1,200 tons per hour for cement; 900 tons per hour for clinker
Used more than 10,000 cubic meters of concrete, 1,200 tons of reinforcing steel, about 5 kilometers of piling
Will have installed 2,658 tons between equipment and metal structure

Project services

Ports and Terminals

Having Hatch’s support during all stages of the project was key to its successful completion. Their support facilitated integration of all stakeholders such as equipment suppliers, construction and erection contractors, even while a COVID pandemic arrived in the middle of the execution. Project management services also guaranteed good control of schedule, cost and documentation during a very sensitive part of the project.

Héctor Guillén | Technical Project Manager, Argos

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