Interior to Lower Mainland (ILM) Transmission Project

Bringing clean, reliable power to consumers in British Columbia

BC Hydro | Canada | 2011–2016

248 km
transmission line

500 kV

transmission project undertaken by BC Hydro in 30 years


  • Strengthen the transmission system from the Northern and Southern Interior of the province to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, delivering clean, reliable power to customers.
  • Construct a transmission line approximately 248-kilometers long, traversing some of BC’s rugged Coastal Range mountains and rising to an elevation of nearly 1,830 meters.
  • Modify two existing terminal substations and construct a new series-capacitor substation to help maintain voltage levels across the long transmission line.


  • Working in an integrated team with BC Hydro and other external consultants, carried out construction program management services.
  • Acted as BC Hydro's representative to manage the design-build contracts for implementation of the project.
  • Ensured quality objectives were met by performing audits on each contractor, verifying conformance to contracts and in accordance with BC Hydro's quality management systems.
  • Helped BC Hydro oversee project execution, to ensure problems were being discovered early, corrected adequately, and prevented from happening again.


  • The project included 248 km of 500 kV transmission line using 4-bundle conductor.
  • We helped BC Hydro roll-out its new suite of project-controls applications for monitoring, control, and reporting on project progress.
  • This was the first major BC Hydro transmission project to be administered using this new state-of-the-art project controls system.

Project numbers

248-km transmission line
643 lattice steel towers erected
2,960 kilometers of conductor line
10,000 tonnes of steel

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