In this issue... Solar-powered transportation at 1000km/h
Solar-powered transportation at 1000km/h
A conceptual solution to hyper-efficient electric travel was presented in the early part of the twentieth century, but it didn’t gain traction until 2013 when Elon Musk released his hyperloop idea in a white paper called Hyperloop Alpha. In this paper, Musk proposes a solar powered system capable of transporting more than twenty passengers through an elevated steel tube at roughly double the speed of the fastest bullet train. Since then, several other entrepreneurs have tried to create a hyperloop model. And now, we’re answering the challenge.
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Building future-ready cities
The pandemic and other market disruptions have heightened the imperative for urban transformation. Now more than ever, urban leaders must adopt a future-ready strategy to address a cross-current of dramatic shifts upending their cities. Alongside a broad coalition of business, government, and academic leaders, we have joined forces with ThoughtLab, a leading global research firm, to launch its fourth urban research program, Building a Future-Ready City.
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Urban planning with holistic problem-solving in mind
By 2030, the global population is projected to reach 8.5 billion and by 2050, 7 billion people will live in urban areas. The impact of this on our cities and urban spaces is and will be multifaceted as cities and urban agglomerations balance living standards, transportation, food, access to water, and sanitation.
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Local community development is changing the future of our industries
Corporate social responsibility and the importance of investing in the communities in which we live and work is the epitome of “thinking globally, acting locally.” In this article, we investigate how corporate social responsibility has evolved over the years, becoming a significant contributor to successful business.
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Zero-emissions in Boston transit
As part of its bus modernization program, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is planning for new battery electric buses and trolleybuses. Together with Hatch, the MBTA is aiming to have a fully electrical fleet by 2040.
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Updating the Melbourne Metro Tunnel
This high-profile, heavy civil construction undertaking requires an intense focus on best-for-project outcomes. By taking a highly collaborative and impartial approach to the project, the Metro Tunnel in Melbourne will untangle the City Loop so that more trains can run across the city on a more frequent basis.
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Developing a new economic growth strategy for a major Canadian city
The city of Mississauga needs an economic development strategy that will guide the city's growth for the next ten years. From the get-go, the city set out an ambitious strategy to further expand the city's economy, enhance its relative competitiveness, and project its innovation credentials.
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A new Minneapolis parallel tunnel
Minneapolis' existing Central City storm tunnel system was designed and constructed in the early 1940s to support the storm water drainage requirements of the time. Land development since has significantly increased the amount of storm water the system handles. To minimize ongoing repairs and increasing maintenance costs, the City of Minneapolis decided to construct a new storm tunnel running parallel to the existing, 80-year-old tunnel.
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Hatch partners with ONxpress
As a member of the engineering joint venture for ONxpress Transportation Partners, Hatch is very excited to announce that they have been named as the first negotiating proponent. This monumental program is the largest transportation investment in Canada and will redefine the GO rail network into a system that will deliver two-way, all-day service. Read more »
Botswana Resources Energy Forum
We are proud to be a recent sponsor of the Resources Infrastructure Energy Forum in Botswana. This annual event is the ultimate conference and networking forum for anyone interested in investing in Botswana’s mining, energy, environmental, and infrastructure sectors. Read more »
Upcoming bridge inauguration in Kingston, ON
The Third Crossing Bridge in Kingston, ON is the first bridge in North America to use an Integrated Project Delivery model. As we anticipate the bridge’s inauguration this summer, let’s take a look back at how we delivered this massive project on time and on budget. Read more »
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