Lightning-fast electric travel is one step closer to becoming a reality

Hatch announces an agreement to support TransPod with the design and construction of their state-of-the-art, ultra-high-speed transportation project

July 21, 2022

Toronto, Canada Hatch— has signed an agreement with TransPod to support the next phase of their hyperloop test track and subsequent full-line project between Calgary and Edmonton. TransPod—a Canadian start-up based in Toronto—is developing a transportation system to carry vehicles at speeds greater than 1000 km/h, enabling users to travel between the cities in under an hour.

The origins of tube-transportation travel

A conceptual solution to hyper-efficient electric travel was presented in the early part of the twentieth century. Still, it didn’t gain traction until 2013, when Elon Musk released his hyperloop idea in a white paper called Hyperloop Alpha.

In this paper, Musk proposes a system with pods capable of transporting more than twenty passengers through an elevated steel tube at roughly double the speed of the fastest bullet train. The pods would be driven by air compressors that enable levitation and propulsion and would be accelerated by linear induction motors. The system would be entirely powered by sustainable solar energy.

Since then, several other entrepreneurs have tried to create a hyperloop model. One of the companies answering the challenge is TransPod.

Lightning-fast electric travel is one step closer to becoming a reality

TransPod’s patented innovations aim to improve on the initial hyperloop concept and make fossil free, fully electric travel real and affordable.

TransPod technology offers major improvements in vehicle propulsion. They use new technology with active real-time control and sense-space systems, relying on moving electromagnetic fields to propel the vehicle. This provides stable levitation without compressed air.

Most notable among five TransPod patented innovations are Quantum Power—which offers a plasma-based highspeed contactless power transmission system from the power rails to the vehicle—and Jet Glide, an active levitation system that uses magnetic motors to generate thrust and braking and keeps the vehicle centered along the guideway, providing a smooth driving experience.

With the goal of developing an appropriate regulatory framework, TransPod is collaborating with four European companies, two American companies, and regulators to establish if the evacuated tube transport falls under railway or aerospace regulations.

In 2020, TransPod signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Alberta to support the development of a line between Calgary and Edmonton. Following the 2021 pre-feasibility study for the line, Stage 1 of this project will include a 5-10 km test track between downtown Edmonton to the Edmonton Airport. In March of 2022, TransPod announced the next phase of this infrastructure project, which is estimated at nearly C$22 billion when fully completed.

Hatch joins team to bring TransPod’s test track to life

As part of our recently signed agreement, Hatch’s specialty engineers will participate in the design and construction of the track. The initial work on the Test Track Environmental Impact Assessment Study has already begun, and the work on selected FEL3 engineering scope and related cost estimates will follow shortly.

Construction, high-speed tests, and certification of the Alberta test track is expected to start next year and finish in 2027. It will be immediately followed by the inter-city line construction and completion of the line from downtown Edmonton to downtown Calgary.

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About TransPod

Our vision is a world in which people, cities, and businesses are connected with affordable and sustainable ultra-high-speed transportation. TransPod is developing the next generation of affordable and sustainable ultra-high-speed transportation for a better connected and fossil fuel-free society. TransPod is building solutions to solve mankind’s biggest upcoming challenge. The way people move is not sustainable. As the population is demanding faster deliveries and faster transport, it is critical to develop new transportation systems capable of moving people fast and clean.