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Oil markets are cyclical. Right now, companies in the sector are preparing for "lower for longer" oil prices, with a focus on capital deferral and lowering operating costs.

The long-term health of the oil and gas industry is dependent on how well we can work together to reduce production and operating costs while exploring ways to unlock stranded resources sustainably. Smarter decisions must be made about how to access and process oil more profitably and efficiently. The bottom line is always top-of-mind. Technology development is key to reducing costs, improving safety, and limiting emissions and its effects on the environment.

The market has its challenges, but it also has opportunities to use these challenges as catalysts for making real change. We think we can help.


Upgrading and refining

These projects are complex. They're difficult. And they need the right partner armed with the right tools. We have experience with mega projects, and extensive expertise in front-end studies to help remove uncertainties. We use highly efficient modeling tools to test different refinery configurations to develop optimal designs. And we have established relationships with all technology licensors, which helps expedite confidentiality agreements and access to timely information.

Mineable oil sands

Technologies could vastly improve the profitability of mineable oil sands. We’ve helped our clients develop these technologies, including designing, constructing, and commissioning multiple pilot plants. We can be your engineering partner for any area of an oil-sands mine, from mining through to ore preparation, hydrotransporting, extracting and tailings, and upgrading.

In situ oil sands

Hatch has been a major partner in Nsolv, a new in situ solvent-extraction technology for the production of heavy oil. Nsolv uses less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional methods. It uses no water and very little natural gas, and produces a better quality oil and a higher return on investment.

Oil shale

We work with our clients to provide value-added solutions. Tools such as computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis help prove the viability and efficiency of our clients' technologies. We are experienced in designing and implementing new oil shale technologies.

Enhanced oil recovery

We’ve completed projects in both sour natural-gas processing and CO2 miscible floods. This combination of experience covers the full range of requirements for the surface-facilities design of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects.

Our involvement has extended to CO2-capture pilot plants and the long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers.

Production facilities

We’ve provided engineering services to numerous projects, installing pipelines and well-site facilities to tie in oil and natural gas production, and water injection wells.


Derek Vanstone

Engineering government

Derek Vanstone
Expanding a government-owned nuclear power plant. Getting the right permits to build a new diamond mine. Redesigning busy train crossings. All benefit from expert knowledge about how to work effectively with government.
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