10% of global passenger vehicle sales may be EVs by 2025

120 million EV vehicles expected by 2030

Global demand for batteries expected to increase to over 2,000 GWh by 2030

Battery market challenges

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing the world today and electrification is an important part of the solution. Battery technologies are central to the battery electric vehicle (EV) trend, with manufacturers seeking to secure supplies of critical raw materials for battery cathode production, including lithium, nickel, and cobalt.

Global demand for battery metals grew by 70% between 2019 and 2020, and is set to grow by 300% over the next decade. However, with a finite supply of battery materials, recycling is critical (and responsible) for sustaining a battery-centric economy. It is an emerging and complex market where innovation, speed-to-market, and capital and operational efficiency are critical.

A growing number of companies are looking for opportunities to enter the battery market. Whether it is developing new markets and verticals, securing supply of materials, developing processing capabilities, modifying existing flowsheets to expand operations, or building new manufacturing facilities, the challenge can be daunting.

We can help.

We understand the battery market and partner with our clients to offer full-service solutions from business advisory, to mining and processing battery-grade chemicals, to battery cell manufacturing and application, and finally, to battery recycling.

Battery market solutions

We offer full-service solutions across the value chain of several battery technologies, including lithium ion, vanadium redox flow, hydrogen fuel cell, adiabatic-compressed air, and thermal.

Advisory services

We aspire to unleash the full potential of your assets by helping you complete the right financial transactions and business transitions, developing winning strategies to achieve a competitive advantage in your markets, improving your core processes and systems, and driving desired behaviors throughout your organization.

Test work and scale-up to commercial capacity

Successful battery projects rely on test work that’s properly interpreted and scaled-up to commercial capacity. You need a partner that establishes and executes rigorous test-work requirements to extract maximum value and inform engineering design. Scale-up requires careful consideration of factors related to equipment designs so that risk is managed.

Process development and optimization

Whether manufacturing battery chemicals or battery cells, you need process design and implementation methods that are innovative, with thorough understanding of the processes and delivery of value throughout the project lifecycle. We are at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in engineering, pilot plants, and the latest in process technology.

Detail design and project execution

Our experienced spectrum of engineers use customized design tools in 3D modelling to allow automation of material take-offs. To ensure your process intent remains intact, our design deliverables inform procurement and construction, resulting in industry-best production ramp-up curves. We deliver new projects and bring an operation’s performance back on track.

Environmental services

Many projects, particularly in heavy industry, are subject to environmental and social-impact assessments and processes. We provide an assessment-and-management approach that integrates environmental, community, and social matters, helping you cost-effectively manage issues as the project develops. From permitting, to assessing your environmental performance, we have the support you need.

Digital transformation

Digitalization is a game changer that enables step changes in safety, productivity, cost efficiency, and performance. Selecting and rolling-out the best blend of technologies is daunting. To build and manage a holistic digital transformation, you need concrete operational experience and judgment. This capability provides practical direction to your technology roadmap.

Technology development

In addition to our existing technology offerings, we can work with you, adding value all along the technology developmental pathway, including full-scale feasibility as well as navigation of the intellectual-property landscape. We give you an objective view of business strategy, financial projections, and a sound approach to risk management.

Battery market benefits

With our extensive battery chemical and battery cell manufacturing and project implementation expertise, as well as innovative technology offerings, we can improve our clients’ business case, helping them make more informed decisions about entering the battery market.

At the core of our business is our exceptional project management and execution skills. We have a history of successful engagements for highly complex facilities and can leverage our deep knowledge and engineering, procurement, and construction management expertise.

Read more about our interesting work in the battery space with partners like Nano One and Li-Cycle.


Siddarth Subramani

Seek Critical Advice Before Charging into the EV Industry

Siddarth Subramani
People have had a love affair with their gasoline-fueled vehicles for more than 100 years. When faced with the prospect of changing over to electric vehicles (EVs), many balk and bristle. EVs, they say, can’t travel as far as fossil fuel-powered vehicles; their batteries are expensive to replace; and there aren’t enough charging stations.
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