The world’s ports are at the heart of a dynamic and interdependent logistics network which enables global trade. Many of these ports are challenged by ageing infrastructure, lack of investment, competition, regulation, and climate change. Managing these challenges effectively requires a comprehensive, innovative, and cost-effective approach to problem-solving. Maximizing efficiency and productivity at existing and new terminals and minimizing both capital and operating costs demands a thorough understanding of the business drivers and the effective integration of the planning, design, construction, and operations phases.

Ports form a critical part of an extended supply chain stretching from the original manufacturer or producer to the final consumer. Increasingly, businesses are not just focusing on the port or marine terminal but are also looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs along the entire supply chain. An understanding of the marine sector’s current and future role within the supply process is essential to delivering value to end users.


Container terminals

Responding effectively to client requirements to increase capacity and throughput while optimizing capital and operating costs, requires an understanding of all aspects of the container terminal – rail/road interface, storage and stacking capabilities, ship loading and unloading parameters. Our container terminal specialists provide expertise, know-how, and lessons learned from projects around the world in order to help you achieve your goals.

Master planning & operational performance

Port facilities and maritime infrastructure are critical capital investments for business operations. We help develop plans, approaching asset and information management from a number of perspectives, from high-level strategic planning to operations. We help you design a plan that incorporates your essential strategic asset-management program.

Dry & liquid bulk terminals

Doing more with less becomes possible only with customized, innovative, and optimized solutions that drive your assets to world-class performance. Efficient storage capacity and terminal layout are key to minimizing capital cost and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Maximizing efficiency and productivity in dry, liquid, or LNG bulk terminals requires the right combination of handling, processing, storage systems, and transport design. We offer a full range of world-class solutions in planning, design, and construction management, including advanced visualization capabilities to help you realize your terminal-capacity potential.

Coastal engineering

Understanding and predicting the effects of coastal processes is critical to ensuring shore protection and optimal port siting and layouts, particularly capital-intensive dredging and breakwater elements. We optimize a port’s stability and operational viability, while minimizing its environmental footprint. Our coastal engineers are experts in wind and wave climate analysis; ship motion analysis; scour and sediment assessment; hydraulic modeling; storm surge analysis and flood protection; navigation simulation; and site-investigation planning.

Dynamic simulation & Gateway Logistics™

Using specialized modeling and analysis systems, our dynamic-simulations experts help you develop holistic production point-to-port solutions that integrate transport logistics, materials handling, material transport, operational modeling, scheduling, and berth planning. We identify bottlenecks or problem areas and evaluate opportunities, to help our clients better understand the implications of planning decisions on return on investment.

Marine structures

Successful ports require cost-effective and maintenance-efficient marine structures, including wharves, quays, piers, bulkheads, caissons, cellular docks, revetments, jetties, and approach structures. Our globally situated experts work with you to develop your port terminals requirements in ways that minimize initial costs and reduce maintenance requirements over the life of the facility.



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