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Globally, demand for energy, liquid fuels, and chemicals continues to grow. At the same time, our industry is coming to terms with new pricing levels and ever-increasing environmental consciousness. This convergence has created one of the most fluid periods in recent history for the industry.

After years of anticipation, the transitional gas economy is now gathering momentum as the bridge towards a sustainable lower carbon future. As a result, interest in gas monetization opportunities through the production of high value products from abundant natural gas, and an increasing variety of low cost and available raw material sources is growing. Non-conventional routes to liquid fuel and chemical production, such as waste-to-liquids, biomass-to-liquids, and gas-to-liquids are becoming more economically viable due to advances in technology and decreasing costs.

Complex and challenging, but with great reward, gas monetization projects need the right partner equipped with the right tools and experience. With our extensive experience in mega projects, expertise in front-end studies, and integrated engineering design, we can help you test configurations to develop optimal solutions for greenfield and brownfield projects.


Anything-to-liquids (XTL)

Whether solid, liquid, or gaseous feedstock—we know the way.

There has been tremendous technological development in creating higher value products from low cost feedstocks or in the case of refuse derived fuel, even negative value products. Our established networks with some of the world’s pre-eminent technology licensors allow us to configure robust, low-risk technology solutions to make your vision a reality.

Opportunities also exist in integrating gas monetization technologies with other industrial processes including biomass or coal gasification, oil sands extraction processes, off-gas processing, refining units, and enhanced oil recovery. Gasification technology offers a pathway to produce energy and chemical building blocks from feedstock sources such as biomass, coal, spent industrial materials, and municipal solid waste. The syngas produced through gasification can be used in a multitude of applications, including power generation, steelmaking, and the production of liquid fuels and chemicals. Our experience in gas extraction, gathering and processing; bulk materials handling and processing; gasification; Fischer-Tropsch and Methanol synthesis technologies; and liquid product upgrading, and integration of core supporting technology areas such as effluent treatment and utility provision makes us the best partner to capitalize on opportunities.

Biomass (BTL) and Waste (WTL) -to-liquids is a pathway to the production of transportation fuels and chemicals from abundant, renewable resources such as biomass, municipal solid waste, and other refuse-derived feedstocks. Recent advances in these technologies offer large fuel consumers such as rail and aviation companies and chemical producers, for whom electrification through renewable sources is not an option, lower carbon intensity options. Our deep expertise can fully exploit the potential synergies offered by hybrid gas-to-liquid and waste or biomass-to-liquid concepts to exploit the synergy of high-carbon and lower-carbon options.

Liquefied natural gas

The potential for liquefied natural gas is tremendous. But LNG projects are not always so easy. Remote locations provide tough challenges, and often have extreme environmental standards. You need a partner who can minimize these risks and increase stakeholder value through efficient project planning and execution, using strategies such as modularization. Our core expertise in transportation, handling, conversion, and storage of LNG helps provide a well-thought-out plan that incorporates all aspects of your project site.

Mico LNG is proving profitable in niche applications such as converting diesel trucks used in mining operations to LNG. We have positioned ourselves in this area as a key partner to LNG technology providers.

Gas processing

Years of experience in the design and installation of gas processing facilities helps us deliver sound solutions to our clients, including in areas of acid gas injection and compressor stations along the pipelines.



Better energy visibility, better business management

Mina Salama
Energy is often one of the biggest operational expenses in industry. Moreover, with today’s heightened awareness of global warming and climate change, using more carbon-based energy than absolutely necessary is something no one wants to do.
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