In this issue... Climate change and women as change makers | Can traditional car manufacturers catch up to Tesla? | Highlighting the future of geothermal electricity generation
Climate change and sustainability
We are passionately committed to the development of a future shaped by a sustainable global society. We recognize that climate change is largely caused by human activity and hinders this vision by negatively affecting natural ecosystems, economic returns, and community development. The resolution of this complex global problem will require multiple simultaneous strategies.
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Climate change and women as change makers
Climate change is today's most pressing environmental challenge. Nearly half of the world’s population is already living in areas that are highly vulnerable to climate change, exposing them to more frequent weather disasters, food and water shortages, and vector-borne diseases. The call to action has never been more warranted.
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From gas guzzlers to electron expenders: can traditional car manufacturers catch up to Tesla?
Most automotive companies tend to be locked into manufacturing facilities and labor agreements tied to their existing business models. Successfully transitioning to a top tier EV provider will require traditional automobile manufacturers to develop and learn skills beyond legacy vehicle engineering. But how?
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The energy beneath our feet: highlighting the future of geothermal electricity generation
Geothermal related electricity generation has been targeted as a strong, sustainable, clean, and cost-effective energy source that has the potential to meet the needs of US consumers while reducing carbon emissions. To aid in this initiative, the energy sector continues to invest in infrastructure for renewable energy power sources to generate electricity.
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Developing the most sustainable, battery-grade lithium products in the world
The Hell’s Kitchen integrated lithium and power project is located in the largest known geothermal resource in the world in Imperial Valley, California. Controlled thermal resources aims to produce the world’s most sustainable, battery-grade lithium products by combining direct lithium extraction with renewable geothermal power. The lithium technology utilizes an ion exchange technique that is environmentally friendlier and yields lithium in a significantly short period of time.
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$30 billion project to be the world’s largest solar farm
The AAPowerLink will create a game-changing, world-first renewable energy infrastructure system. Sun Cable will integrate a range of technologies and infrastructure to develop one of the world’s largest solar farms, to be located in the Northern Territory, Australia (17-20 GWp), home to the world’s largest battery (36-42 GWh) and the world’s longest undersea high voltage direct current cable system (approximately 4,200 km).
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Glencore takes action to reduce SO2
The Process Gas Project (PGP) Phase 1, PGP Phase 2, and Particulate Emissions Project (PEP) comprise a CAD$288 million investment by Glencore to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate emissions and improve productivity at the Sudbury Smelter in Ontario, Canada.
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Battery market solutions
A growing number of companies are looking for opportunities to enter the battery market. It is an emerging and complex market where innovation, speed-to-market, and capital and operational efficiency are critical. Let us help. Find out more about our battery market solutions.
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Energy optimization: a prerequisite for a low-carbon future, part 1
The need to decarbonize the economy and adapt to changing energy landscape is a key challenge for large energy users. Energy optimization encompasses a holistic review of energy consumptions systems, and helps optimize performance, improve resilience, and enhance environmental sustainability. Read more »
Energy optimization: a prerequisite for a low-carbon future, part 2
To build on the proper assessment and execution of energy optimization efforts, here are some relevant ways to decarbonize operations, enhance competitiveness, and reduce cost while meeting operational and energy goals. Read more »
On-demand webinar: Sustainability in Mining
In this webinar about designing sustainable prosperity, Hatch speaker Doris Haim-Galvez dives into the need to move towards more sustainable mining practices. But what does this really mean, and what does it look like for the future of mining? Read more »
Li-Cycle building first commercial Hub to process black mass
A North American leader in lithium-ion battery resource recovery has engaged Hatch to provide engineering, procurement, and construction management services for its first commercial Hub facility near Rochester, New York. Read more »
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