In this issue... Building a world-class potash mine | The world's first carbon-negative renewable diesel plant | Upcoming Live Webinars!
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Building a world-class potash mine
Located in Saskatchewan, Canada, in the world’s best potash basin, the Jansen project has an expected Stage 1 output of 4.35 million tonnes of potash per annum.
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The world's first carbon-negative renewable diesel plant
The Louisiana Green Fuels plant is designed to produce up to 33.7 million gallons of renewable fuel per year from forestry waste.
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Live demo! PneuCalc software
During this webinar, Jack Hilbert, subject matter expert for pneumatic handling of bulk materials, presents a conveying system design and upgrade using PneuCalc.
Live Webinar! Hatch Digital: links in a chain
Hear from our Digital team about some of they key learnings from global projects in mining, metallurgical, and bulk commodities industries where digital technology was applied with phenomenal success.
Developing one of the world’s largest, rare earths deposits
The Nolans Hydrometallurgical Plant will help bring to market the rare earths needed to the meet the world’s demand for high-tech devices.
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Enhancing environmental sustainability through energy optimization
An energy optimization engagement can vary widely depending on business objectives, external policy, and economic drivers, as well as an understanding of the operations’ energy use.
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Accelerating off-grid communities’ transitions from diesel to renewable energy
Ocean Renewable Power Company, a developer of clean, renewable power systems that harness energy from free-flowing rivers and tidal currents, has secured an investment commitment to finance their growth.
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Rethinking urban development in a post-pandemic, digital-first world
Our partnership with ThoughtLab will deliver a portfolio of multi-sponsored programs, evidence-based research, and events that will help urban leaders make decisions about the future of their cities.
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Helping our clients get more value with what they already have
Combining world-class technical expertise with deep industry knowledge and tried and tested management consulting approaches allows us to bring our clients forward-thinking, fresh ideas, and leading practices.
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Joining Hydrogène Québec to promote hydrogen energy
Hydrogène Québec has a mandate to promote the commercialization of hydrogen energy and educate the public about the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Read more »
Designing a critical wastewater treatment plant upgrade
The North End Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade project will enable efficient wastewater treatment capabilities to meet the growing population in Winnipeg, Canada. Read more »
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