After achieving major milestone, Strategic Biofuels continues development of first North American waste biomass-to-renewable fuels project

First-of-its-kind initiative profiled in Energy, Oil & Gas magazine

August 26, 2021

Louisiana, USA— Strategic Biofuels is in the process of developing the first agroforestry derived biomass to renewable fuels project with carbon capture sequestration (CCS) in North America. The initiative, known as the Louisiana Green Fuels (LGF) Project, will be constructed on a 171-acre site at the Port of Columbia. The plant is designed to produce up to 33.7 million gallons of renewable fuel per year from forestry waste. The project recently announced that the CCS Test Well Program at its LGF Project site is complete—a major milestone towards becoming likely the world's first carbon-negative renewable diesel plant.

Energy, Oil & Gas magazine recently profiled the project with world-renowned inventor and innovator Dr. Paul Schubert, CEO of Strategic Biofuels, in their 194th issue.

“What we will be producing here is a renewable synthetic diesel fuel. Probably the best analogy for the properties of the fuel is the relationship of synthetic motor oil to fossil derived motor oil,” says Dr. Schubert. “Our product is an extremely high purity, high performance, clean burning fuel. In fact, used at 100 percent in an engine, you will achieve an 80 percent reduction in emissions compared to conventional diesel fuel. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It is a truly superior product.”

Hatch has been working with Strategic Biofuels since early 2020, from the inception of the LGF Project. Hatch's role is the development of an integrated process flow scheme, incorporating several third-party technologies that are core to the production of syngas from biomass followed by the conversion of the syngas to liquid fuels; including all supporting facilities for solids handling, effluent treatment, and utility systems for the provision of oxygen, steam, power, and water. In doing so, Hatch is laser-focused on optimizing the key performance attributes of the LGF Project, while driving down carbon intensity to deliver a safe, innovative, and sustainable asset.

We are working in partnership with Koch Project Solutions (KPS), a Koch Industries company, which focuses on problem-solving and capability building for industrial customers.

“Hatch is pleased to be expanding our commitment to the pursuit of low-carbon energy options. Biomass will have an important and growing role as a pathway to this ambition and we are proud to support Strategic Biofuels in this pioneering project,” says Robert Francki, Global Managing Director for Energy at Hatch.
As true project collaborators, KPS's and Hatch’s early onboarding has created a platform to leverage our complementary experience and expertise in the design, engineering, and delivery of pioneering projects across all aspects of the project life cycle. We look forward to amplifying the efforts of Strategic Biofuels, as we continue our energy efficiency and innovation journey towards producing more sustainable fuels,” said Paul Switzer, President of KPS.



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