Hatch and ThoughtLab enter into a global alliance

August 23, 2021

(August 23, 2021) (New York, NY) – ThoughtLab, an innovative thought leadership firm, and Hatch, a global engineering, project management, and professional services firm, today announced they are entering into a worldwide alliance . Together they will provide city leaders with the evidence-based research and actionable insights they need to drive their future social, environmental, and economic goals as they address the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

ThoughtLab and Hatch will deliver a portfolio of multi-sponsored programs, evidence-based research, and virtual and in-person events that will provide valuable decision support to urban leaders as they rethink their future in a post-pandemic, digital-first world.

The alliance’s first research initiative will be its upcoming urban thought leadership program: Building a RoadMap to Smart Cities 4.0: How cities plan to achieve and finance their social, environmental, and economic goals. This research initiative, the fourth annual installment of ThoughtLab’s successful smart city thought leadership program, will help cities build, finance, and benchmark implementation plans for transformation across eight urban domains.

An unparalleled team of city experts

The alliance brings together ThoughtLab’s seasoned thought leadership experts, researchers, and editors with top urban economists and planners from Hatch, along with a global network of 9,000 professionals in the energy, metals, and infrastructure sectors. By joining forces, ThoughtLab and Hatch will build an unparalleled worldwide team of urban specialists with multidisciplinary expertise in engineering, planning, finance, innovation, and digital transformation.

To extend its content marketing and outreach capabilities, the alliance will also draw on ThoughtLab’s key partnerships with City Age, a leader in innovative digital and in-person events, Smart Cities World, a world-class platform for sharing ideas on urban challenges, and Ergo Editorial and Content Marketing Partners, specialists in thought leadership content development and distribution.

“Our partnership with Hatch enables ThoughtLab to take its urban thought leadership to a higher standard of excellence,” said Lou Celi, CEO of ThoughtLab. “It extends our global footprint, deepens our economic capabilities, and enhances our urban reach. Crucially, it enables us to build an extraordinary multidisciplinary team of economists, industry experts, engineers, data scientists, and planners that work together to provide actionable, evidence-based thought leadership for a fast-changing world.”
“Having been involved with ThoughtLab from the beginning and serving as the research director for the three prior installments of ThoughtLab’s smart city research, I am excited to continue to work with Lou and the ThoughtLab team.” said Daniel Miles, Director, Urban Solutions, Hatch. “Hatch’s global reach and urban expertise offer a great platform to help cities across the globe generate positive change for their citizens and stakeholders.”
“Addressing the issues facing cities as they emerge from the pandemic requires a multidisciplinary team. Hatch is excited to bring our global capabilities in urban economics, planning, climate change, and digital together with the ThoughtLab’s thought leadership experts to help cities achieve their social, environmental, and economic goals,” added Bob Pell, Managing Director, Urban Solutions, Hatch.

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For more information on Hatch, please visit Urban Solutions (hatch.com)

About ThoughtLab

ThoughtLab is an innovative thought leadership firm that creates fresh thinking and actionable insights through rigorous research and evidence-based analysis. Our firm specializes in using the latest quantitative and qualitative tools to examine the impact of technology on companies, cities, industries, and business performance.

Our multidisciplinary team of economists, industry specialists, and subject matter experts produces distinctive thought leadership to help clients engage private- and public-sector decision-makers. Our services include fielding business, consumer, investor, and government surveys; organizing executive interviews, meetings, and advisory groups; conducting economic modeling, AI sentiment monitoring, benchmarking, and performance analysis; and developing white papers, eBooks, infographics, and customer-facing analytical tools.

About Hatch

Whatever our clients envision, our teams can design and build. With over six decades of business and technical experience in the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we understand that your challenges are changing rapidly. Our solutions are innovative, timely and more efficient. We draw upon 9,000 staff with experience in over 150 countries to challenge the status quo, creating positive change for our clients, employees, and the communities we serve.

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