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Diamonds are found in some of the world’s most far-flung, isolated, and inaccessible regions. And, depending on where they come from, the stones differ vastly in quantity, size, and quality. 

Most commercial diamonds come from open-pit and underground mining of geological structures called kimberlite pipes. These funnel-like tubes of rock extend far into the depths of the earth.

A variety of methods can be used to extract diamonds, and many involve removing large quantities of soil from the earth. In these days of environmental awareness and focus on cost-cutting, recovering the greatest quantity of stones with the least amount of other-material-moving is a challenge that responsible diamond miners are constantly working to address.

Clearly, today’s modern diamond miners need proven process equipment and system designs in order to maximize plant utilization, protect the product's security, and minimize damage.

The right tools and strategies can help address issues with project site location, climate, water, discharge, and environmental stewardship. Conserving energy, finding efficiency in the flow sheet, embracing automation and new, more effective equipment and methods can all help make marked contributions to the bottom line.


Open-pit and underground mine development

Enhancing mining safety and providing strategic, innovative services to address the industry's most pressing challenges is transformational. For open-pit and underground operations, productivity growth and agile thinking mark the path to continuous improvement.

Mine optimization

Today's successful mining companies need a full range of services to optimize their operations and realize the full value of their assets.

Crushing and milling circuits

Properly designed, fit-for-purpose crushing-milling circuits maximize productivity and minimize the risk of damage in diamond liberation plants and processes.

Document management systems (DMS) design

Today's state-of-the-art DMS designs enhance capability in conventional and split circuits to maximize diamond recovery.

Process support services

With the careful selection and skillful application of process-simulation software packages such as LIMN , detailed mass balances for diamond-specific processes can be determined, tracked, and honed.


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