Long Harbour Processing Plant

Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited | Canada | 2014–2015

50,000 tpa

nickel rounds

5,000 tpa

copper cathodes

2,500 tpa

cobalt rounds


  • Finish engineering and construction work in a timely manner to eliminate any impact of project schedule.
  • Unfinished and problematic scope needed to be identified to reduce field engineering changes and rework.
  • Organize and incorporate approximately one terabyte of existing data or deliverables into the phase 2 plan, including 43,800 engineering and vendor deliverables from over 350 vendor packages from an earlier project phase.


  • Through complete and detailed area walk-downs, site data was collected to assess the installation condition and status of each plant area.
  • Collected site data was compiled and communicated using iPads and mobile data applications for “instant-office” connections with low dependency on IT infrastructure.
  • Queryable 3D iModels were used in the field to determine unfinished or problematic scope, resulting in reduced field-engineering changes and rework.
  • The engineering and integrated-project teams collaborated to reduce deliverable milestones by two months, meeting an aggressive project recovery schedule, and reducing cost.


  • All major engineering milestones were met and the engineering project ran significantly under original budget.
  • Installation of the 2015 contract packages was completed on schedule, with the remaining scope scheduled for completion in 2016.
  • Process design modifications made during project execution permitted a phased approach to construction and subsequent interim operations.
  • The engineering team modified design deliverables in a timely manner to eliminate any impact on the project schedule.

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