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Pipelines are critical for the safe, efficient transport of materials and commodities across expansive geographic areas. Using pipelines helps cut down the amount of fuel that alternative methods, such as tanker trucks or rail cars need, reducing serious pollution and greenhouse gases in the bargain. Pipelines also reduce the risk of accidents, as transporting both solid and liquid substances by rail, roads, and water can be dangerous to people, places, and things.

In the mining industry, asset owners are looking for improved recoveries and better ways to extract complex minerals. Slurry pipeline conveyance may be a cost-effective transportation method when distance is an issue, but it comes with great challenges. To improve recovery practices, new kinds of slurries need to be managed and new methodologies created that target the specific materials these substances contain.

For the oil-and-gas and utility sectors, pipelines often connect production facilities directly to a wide range of industry and domestic customers. These especially need a sophisticated design to guarantee an uninterrupted supply that is safe and environmentally compliant. Integrity monitoring and automation have an important part to play in addressing these issues, and must be factored into any modern pipeline system.


Slurry pipelines

We design and optimize slurry pipeline projects globally, for any type of fluid or material. This includes numerous minerals and solutions: copper, iron, nitrates, potassium, phosphates, polyhalite, lithium, ilmenite, lime, and more. 

Water pipelines

Water scarcity and failing water infrastructure are serious, global issues. Using various modeling systems, we design pipeline networks that reliably support the conveyance system, while determining areas where resources and cost savings can be optimized.

Oil-and-gas pipelines

From design to construction and commissioning, we implement comprehensive oil-and-gas pipeline solutions. You can rely on the significant in-house professional services we provide. By using innovative design software to develop state-of-the-art systems, we can ensure full compliance with applicable regulations.

Tailings pipelines

Managing tailings at processing plants and industrial facilities is one of the most pressing issues facing asset owners today. Safe, efficient, reliable tailings pipelines are a critical component of larger tailings-management systems that help organizations like yours achieve operational, safety, and sustainability goals.

Paste backfill pipelines

The best backfill systems and material distribution-and-handling methods must be factored into plans for underground mines as early as possible. Paste backfill is used to support openings and improve regional stability, which enhances safety and increases extraction rates. It also creates opportunities to reduce CAPEX and allows for more environmentally friendly waste disposal.

Hydropower pipelines

Well-designed hydro pipelines are critical to hydroelectric projects. We implement pipelines for hydropower projects that are custom-fitted, tailored in size and diameter to the requirements of the project and its location.


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