uMshwathi Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme Phase 2

Umgeni Water | South Africa | 2015-2020

Nominated for a 2020 SAICE Regional Award for KwaZulu-Natal and CESA

Nominated for CESA/AON 2020

Provided critical water supplies for the future to underserviced areas

Ensured the development and empowerment of communities, emerging contractors, and consultants in line with national development goals


  • The Wartburg system was revealed to be reaching its ultimate capacity and needed to be augmented
  • Interfacing with existing infrastructure and concurrent other works being undertaken on a number of sites
  • Providing a flexible and scalable system


  • Two booster pump systems were designed and constructed, one on the Phase 1 pipeline (constructed under a separate contract) and the second on the Phase 2 pipeline
  • The Phase 2 pipeline consists of 15.1 km of a 700 mm diameter steel pipe with a 6 mm wall thickness and 3LPE coating with 57 chambers incorporating air, scour, and isolating valves
  • To accommodate the steel main crossing of provincial roads and rail lines, 2,130 mm diameter concrete pipes were jacked with six crossings undertaken, totaling 171 m
  • The 10 Ml Dalton reservoir is a 40 m diameter prestressed concrete structure with a flat concrete roof slab and a height of 9.4 m. The reservoir was constructed on an existing reservoir site with future planning of a second identical reservoir. Concurrent construction of Phase 3 on the same site under a separate contract required close coordination between the respective consultants and contractors.
  • The interface between the Phase 1 pipeline and the Phase 2 pipeline is the new 8 Ml Wartburg reservoir which was constructed under a separate contract adjacent to two 1.5 Ml reservoirs.
  • The integration of the three reservoirs was added to the scope of the Phase 2 project during the contract and required the construction of new chambers, pipework, and control systems on the Wartburg site.


  • On completion, the contractor exceeded the minimum requirements of the client in respect of emerging contractor development
  • The project provided employment for and upskilling of the local community (approximately 250,000 work hours).
  • High-quality end product was produced with minimal impact on the environment.

Project numbers

R233 million excluding VAT (final contract value)
700 mm diameter steel pipeline from Wartburg to a new 10Ml reservoir at Dalton and two pump stations
35% Contract Participation Goal (CPG) was achieved
40 m reservoir diameter with a height of 9.4 m
2,130 mm diameter concrete pipes were jacked with six crossings undertaken, totaling 171 m

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