Rt. Honourable Herb Gray Parkway

Reconfiguring the former Windsor-Essex Parkway for the 21st century

Partnership of ACS/Dragados, Acciona, & Fluor | Canada | 2010-2016

Increased traffic flow between Canada and the USA 
6 lane extension of Canada's Highway 401 into Detroit 
14 new overpass structures 
The Parkway trail: 20 km within 120 ha of green space 


  • A new transportation corridor was needed to directly connect Highway 401 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to Interstate 75 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, at the site of a proposed new bridge across the Detroit River. 
  • Traffic patterns needed to be studied to allow for a safe, efficient work environment while keeping traffic volumes moving during construction. 
  • An unprecedented amount of community involvement had to be successfully managed during the public consultation process due to the project’s proximity to residential neighbourhoods. 
  • A huge amount of high-quality design work had to be completed quickly and in a way that minimized construction costs. 


  • Initiated major innovations that minimized material use and shortened construction times. 
  • Provided integrative and detailed design of highways, municipal roadways, drainage and stormwater management, road bridges, land tunnels, construction staging, electrical and advanced traffic management systems, urban design, and landscape architecture. 
  • Collaborated to produce seven public-information open houses and numerous workshops with agencies, stakeholders, and municipalities to provide information and obtain feedback on different project elements. 


  • This was the first use of NU girders in Ontario. 
  • Construction on the parkway started in 2011, and generated approximately 12,000 jobs. 
  • Business opportunities were created for local and regional companies, attracting new investment and supporting existing industry. 

Project numbers

C$1.4 billion construction cost
5 year construction period
350+ consultants and technical specialists on the team
11 km of a six-lane extension of Highway 401
12 tunnels with a total length of 1.8 km
14 new overpass structures
12 signalized intersections
10 pedestrian crossings
20 km of recreational trails

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