Procurement of 24 Waratah Series 2 electric multiple unit trains

Keeping up with passenger demand

Transport for New South Wales | Australia | 2016-2019

Stainless-steel, double-deck cars

AUD 1.3 billion project


  • Sydney’s 166-year-old train network is struggling to keep up with surging demand
  • Sydney’s population is over 5 million and, according to a report, an additional 1.4 million people are forecast to arrive in the city by 2031


  • Hatch LTK oversaw CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., which manufactured the double-deck Waratah Series 2 electric multiple unit trains in China.
  • Hatch LTK’s team included quality engineers on-site at the manufacturing facility in Changchun, who were responsible for monitoring vehicle production and undertook quality assurance.
  • Hatch LTK provided subject matter expertise in systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, quality assurance and quality control, safety and security, propulsion and brakes, and signaling and train control.


  • Priority seating, including 16 wheelchair spaces per car
  • Hearing aid loops
  • Air conditioning with advanced temperature control
  • Passenger counting system
  • High-definition information screens
  • Internal and external closed-circuit TV

Project numbers

  • The Sydney rail network carries more than 1 million passengers each business day
  • Sydney’s train network has 506 miles of track with 178 stations over eight lines

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