Euclid Creek Storage Tunnel

Reducing overflows in the District's entire service area

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District | United States | 2006-2015

3.4 miles of
24-foot diameter tunnel

65 million gallons
of storage


  • The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has embarked upon a comprehensive combined sewer overflow (CSO) program totaling approximately US$3.0 billion in projects.
  • These will dramatically reduce the overflows from combined sewers in the District's entire service area.
  • This project needs to reduce CSOs to both Euclid Creek and Lake Erie.


  • Overall project management and project administration was provided by Hatch, the program's lead consultant.
  • The design of the tunnel lining, shafts and adit-to-tunnel design, and tunnel ventilation design were all provided by our experts.
  • Our other responsibilities included cost estimation, risk analysis, tunnel-boring machine (TBM)specifications, data, reports, drawings, and technical specifications for our designs.
  • Coordination and phasing of the work was done to allow the site to be shared with developers of the future pump station, power substation, and tunnel project.


  • Approximately 3.5 miles of 24-foot diameter tunnel 200 feet below grade in bedrock.
  • Annular grouting through TBM tailshield in bedrock.
  • 6,300 feet of near-surface consolidation sewers (microtunneling, open-shield TBM tunneling, hand mine and open-cut).
  • 40-foot and 50-foot diameter finished-tunnel access and surge-suppression shafts.
  • Three additional tunnel-access shafts and shaft-to-tunnel adits.
  • Diversion structures, CSO connection structures, regulators, gate and gate control structures provided.
  • Five Baffle-type drop structures used, one of which is 32 feet in diameter, the largest of its kind.

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