East Link 2 Line project 

Expanding light rail service across the Puget Sound region

Sound Transit  | Seattle, WA, USA | 2012-2024

Hatch has been supporting Sound Transit’s system engineering in Seattle since 1998

Helped design, procure, inspect, test, and commission a total of 214 low-floor, light rail vehicles

Instrumental to the design of all audible and visible components at Sound Transit's light rail stations, and the procurement of every light rail vehicle.


  • Sound Transit wanted to design and construct its East Link 2 Line infrastructure to enhance connectivity across the Puget Sound region and keep up with growing ridership on its existing lines and expanding lines.
  • Alongside the infrastructure updates, Sound Transit needed to procure a second fleet of 152 low-floor, light rail vehicles to expand on its existing 62-vehicle fleet and enable wider service as its light rail network continues to expand.
  • The project needed a partner capable of supporting the final design and providing design support during construction for the 2 Line.


  • Oversaw the systems design for the TPS System, OCS System, Signal System, and Communication Systems to include the Variable Message Signs, Closed Circuit Television System, Access Control, and Public Address system.
  • Assisted Sound Transit with the procurement of 62- light rail vehicles for Central Link starter line project. Supported the design, procurement, inspection testing for assembly and commissioning of an additional 152 cars.
  • Designed the Stray Current mitigation system along the 2 Line.


  • Supported design of the overhead contact system along the Interstate Highway 90 floating bridge across Lake Washington, which required a unique design for seamless vehicle transition across the bridge’s expansion joints.
  • Minimized stray currents by designing a stray current collector system to isolate the grounding network from the I-90 floating bridge structure, which has the strictest requirement ever designed anywhere in the world.
  • Developed trusted working relationships with critical stakeholders across Sound Transit’s operations, maintenance, and engineering departments, as well as Sound Transit’s operating partner, King Country Metro.
Redmond OTS Pedestrian Bridge
South Bellevue Station

Project Numbers

62   low-floor, light rail vehicles initially procured as part of the Central Link starter project
152  additional light rail vehicles procured as part of the ST2 fleet
8  new stations opened
9 3- MW traction power substations
10  minutes between trains, running from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every day

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