Caltrain Modernization Project

Driving Caltrain’s modernization efforts for over a decade

Caltrain/Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board | San Carlos, CA, USA | 2010-Ongoing

Caltrain services nearly 60,000 commuters a day.

Executed successful procurement contract with Stadler for new bi-level EMUs.

Over 10 years of regulatory support.

Overhauled six existing MP36 locomotives to ensure their 30-year service life.


  • Improve overall train service, Caltrain needed a multi-faceted partner to lead the 2025 Caltrain Modernization Program.
  • Electrify and upgrade the performance, operating efficiency, capacity, safety, and reliability of the rail service by electrifying the fleet and servicing the rolling stock of diesel trains as they approached the middle or end of service life.
  • Improve system performance to mitigate long-term environmental impacts including noise pollution, regional air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Develop the framework to enable European style commuter trains to operate in the US.


  • Provided recommendations that were adopted by Caltrain as key elements in implementing the proposed modernization and electrification plans.
  • Developed a Concept of Operations document and an overall fleet plan, which specified steps for replacing Caltrain’s existing rolling stock with new electric vehicles.
  • Led efforts to overhaul the diesel train cars at the midpoint of their projected 30-year service life, reviewing and creating new technical specifications for engine and alternator replacements on six ageing MP36 locomotives. This extended their service life until the new electric trains could be put into revenue service.
  • Supported procurement of bi-level electrical multiple unit (EMU) commuter rail cars. Conducted a market assessment and developed technical specifications to successfully execute a contract between Caltrain and Stadler to build this new fleet of bi-level EMUs.
  • Provided a range of services to both upgrade existing diesel trains and led initiatives to electrify Caltrain’s entire fleet. This included overall design, procurement, production oversight, and rail systems work for the new electric trains.


  • Managed and led a $360K technology refresh project to replace over 10 servers, as well as workstations, network equipment, and software in preparation for the fleet electrification.
  • Provided trusted regulatory support to Caltrain for over a decade, working closely with the Federal Railroad Administration both regionally and nationally.
  • Leveraged our expertise and history with Caltrain to guide the third-party contractor through best practice implementation of the existing Caltrain System Safety Program.

60,000 daily commuters

6 existing MP36 locomotives

10 years of regulatory support

$360K technology refresh

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