Vesta SWX Facilities & Pipeline

Facilities and pipeline design in Central Alberta

Plains Midstream Canada | Alberta, Canada | 2018-2019

27.8 kilometres NPS 8 pipeline connection

LACT designed to initially transport 20,000 BPD and be readily expandable to 40,000 BPD

Design executed in a timely and efficient manner


  • Plains and Vesta have executed an agreement to deliver Vesta light sweet crude production from the Joffre Duvernay Shale Oil Basin to the Plains Rangeland Pipeline System.
  • In late 2017, the first connection was established in the southern expansion area. Subsequently in 2018, Hatch completed the second pipeline connection-SWX facilities and pipeline.


  • Pipeline scope included the design of a new 27.8 kilometre pipeline connection that originates at the Sylvan Lake (Spry) Gas Plant (SLGP) and connects to the Plains Rangeland Sylvan Lake Pump Station (SLPS).
  • The new NPS 8 pipeline connects the Vesta SLGP to the SLPS with a manual block valve riser site upstream of the Medicine River watercourse crossing and a manual block and check valve riser site downstream of the crossing.
  • Facilities portion included the design of a new lease automated custody transfer (LACT) unit located at SLGP and the addition of pipeline integrity metering facilities to provide a tie-in to the NPS 12 mainline at SLPS.


  • Team collaboration was critical to the success of the SWX pipeline.
  • The survey company and Hatch cultivated a strong working partnership to develop basic alignment sheets, complete with the engineering and pipeline construction information.
  • The high flow rate LACT developed for SWX was designed based on prefabricated modules. The utilization of these modules greatly reduced site installation time and cost.

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