Habshan Sulfur Granulation

Engineering one of the largest sulphur-granulation installations in the world

GASCO | United Arab Emirates | 2011–2013

covered-storage stockpile

sulfur-granulation plant

75 km


  • Receive liquid sulfur from existing Habshan gas plants via skin-effect electrical tracing (SEET) pipelines.
  • The liquid sulfur was to be granulated at the facility, stockpiled, and ultimately transported via rail to a new sulfhur handling terminal at Ruwais.
  • Develop the right, unique measures for handling the friable sulfur granules and mitigating concerns about fire hazards.Build the largest integrated gas-to-liquids refinery in the world.


  • Hatch's mandate covered the upstream liquid-sulfur delivery pipeline and the downstream bulk-material-handling facility. We provided detailed engineering and procurement support services.
  • Included two stacker-reclaimers in the bulk-material-handling system that were integrated within a conveyor network that then connected to a railcar-loading facility.


  • The materials-handling system used many automation strategies to ensure the designed "hot-spare" redundancy provisions were effective.
  • A custom stockpile-management philosophy was developed to eliminate shelf-life issues for sulfur kept in storage.
  • With 12 granulators and an extensive network of sulfhur pipelines, this is one of the largest sulfhur granulation installations in the world.

Project numbers

7 conveyors
1,000-tonne surge bin
4,000-tonne per hour rail-car-loadout facility
5 wet-dust-collection-scrubber towers

Services & technologies provided

Bulk material handling



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