Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Generating Stations Operational Support

Ontario Power Generation | Canada | 2012–Ongoing



staff supporting design


  • Two major nuclear generating stations, Darlington and Pickering, need refurbishments after decades of service.
  • Darlington requires refurbishment to all four of its reactors. OPG is undertaking a $12.8-billion program that will refurbish the four units by 2026.


  • An Extended Services Master Service Agreement covers a portfolio of projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Projects have ranged from minor plant modifications to large refurbishment infrastructure projects.
  • The projects are focused on readying the sites for major refurbishment work, including the re-tube feeder replacement island support annex (RFRISA) and refurbishment project office (RPO).
  • Projects also include refurbishment fire studies, emergency power generators, and emergency service water pipeline replacement.


  • More than 100 Hatch staff have worked on site and have an intimate knowledge of OPG’s systems, safety culture, configuration management, and radiation safety protocols.
  • Fire studies conducted at Darlington meet regulatory requirements necessary for OPG's operating license. Additional fire protection measures were successfully addressed by alternative compliance resulting in a reduction of project cost. The Hatch Fire Risk group worked closely with OPG throughout the project to understand the unique needs of the project.

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