Digital Transformation Podcast: Episode 5 - Digital Trends in Infrastructure

Digital Transformation Podcast
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The focus of this podcast is on the trends in digital maturity among clients are diverse, but there’s a noticeable shift where clients themselves are spearheading digital initiatives. They’re not just adopting digital standards; they’re making them mandatory for projects. This is particularly significant in the government sector, where staying ahead of the curve is crucial..

    Guest: Laura Twigge-Molecey
    As the managing director for engineering delivery at Hatch, Laura is responsible for successful engineering project outcomes for our global engineering services. Laura is a mechanical engineer with an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA and a master’s degree in engineering from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.
    Host: Kelly Levesque
    Kelly, a project manager and mechanical engineer, leverages over 15 years of expertise within the technology and metals sectors. She is currently focused on digital technology and digital disruption and the value it brings to digital project delivery and asset performance management.
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