Digital Transformation Podcast: Episode 1 - Pulling the data thread on digital transformation

Digital Transformation Podcast
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In this episode
Series debut guest Alex Cespedes and host Kelly Levesque, uncover how data is the cornerstone of digital transformation.
    Guest: Alex Cespedes
    With 19 years as a Professional Engineer at Hatch, Alex Cespedes, a University of Toronto graduate, has excelled in several roles. Throughout his career, he's been a driving force in global technology adoption for digital project delivery, collaborating seamlessly with diverse teams. Alex is dedicated to cultivating a digital mindset within the industry, ensuring Hatch stays at the forefront of technological innovation and delivers substantial benefits across sectors.
    Host: Kelly Levesque
    Kelly, a project manager and mechanical engineer, leverages over 15 years of expertise within the technology and metals sectors. She is currently focused on digital technology and digital disruption and the value it brings to digital project delivery and asset performance management.
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