Source, The ReThink Mining Podcast: The Opportunities and Gaps in Digital Mining with Alim Somani

Alim Somani, the managing director of digital at Hatch, candidly discusses the unique challenges posed by the mining industry. Together with Carl Weatherell of Source: The Rethink Mining Podcast, he examines the crucial role of people and processes in the mining industry alongside the unique value that startups can offer, the misunderstood role of AI and digital twins, and the function of quantum computing in the future of mining.  

About Alim:

Alim Somani started his career as the founder of Infusion, a digital professional services organization in New York focused on the financial industry, which was later acquired by a joint Microsoft and Accenture venture.

Alim then joined digital mining at Hatch, and attributes this leap to his fascination with the “back end” of the world: that is, the side of the world that keeps everything at the more visible “front end” of the world in good working order.

Alim sees an opportunity to bridge the gap between domain expertise and the data necessary for safe and sustainable mining practices. He believes that the mining industry suffers from a lack of connectivity across the value chain, spanning from supply to processing to the end user, and is passionate about applying digital tools to improve operations in this industry.

Elevating operations through data-driven excellence and digital solutions
by Alim Somani

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