Hatch receives Award of Excellence at the 2022 CCE Awards

Acknowledged for Hatch’s Process Gas and Particulate Emissions Project with Glencore that significantly reduced sulfur dioxide and particulate emissions impacts on the local community

November 7, 2022


Gary Norvall (Hatch), Benoit Paille (Hatch) 
Gary Norvall (Hatch), Benoit Paille (Hatch)
Toronto, Canada—Hatch is proud to announce that it has been recognized with a 2022 Award of Excellence for its work on Glencore’s Process Gas and Particulate Emissions Project. The Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards honors outstanding achievements in the consulting engineering industry and is recognized as the industry's highest honors, offered only to the most remarkable engineering feats featured in projects by Canadian firms. The honors were bestowed at the 2022 CCE Awards Gala, on Nov 3rd in Ottawa, Ontario.  


The Process Gas Project (PGP) and the Particulate Emissions Project (PEP) comprise a CAD$288 million investment by Glencore to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate emissions and improve productivity at the Sudbury Smelter. The projects are critical to the long-term viability of their Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operation in Ontario, Canada. Hatch was engaged to respond to the government-mandated SO2 and emissions-reduction requirements, providing full engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services for process upgrades.  

 The safe and successful execution of these services helped ensure that Smelter operations remain in compliance with the federal and provincial regulations by reducing allowable emissions of SO2 and heavy metals (nickel, cadmium, lead, cobalt). 

 Hatch leveraged and coordinated global expertise to support the local Sudbury execution team, including specialized material handling flow modeling, acid plant design, electric furnace design, computational fluid dynamic modeling, noise abatement, process gas handling design, and machine design. These projects were complex, brownfield executions that involved modifying virtually every major smelter process while maintaining 24-hour-per-day operations. 

 The projects reduced S02 measured in the community by 65% resulting in fewer periods during which the facility needs to curtail production due to specific weather conditions that would otherwise contribute to elevated contaminant concentrations and impact to the community. 

 The combined program was executed over an 11-year period, employing over 40 different local construction contracting companies and hundreds of vendors, and resulted in over 1.2 million hours on-site over the course of the projects. The projects were completed safely, with zero Lost-Time Injuries (LTIs), and 16% under budget. 

Hatch receives Award of Excellence at the 2022 CCE Awards

“Our PGP and PEP journey was successfully completed in partnership with Hatch and other trusted trade partners. Hatch applied innovative engineering solutions to address a wide variety of challenging tasks, serving as a testament to the depth of experience, talent and commitment to the innovation they provide. This modernization of our smelter operations truly reflects our primary purpose — to responsibly deliver the commodities that advance everyday life.”  - Darryl Pike, Project Manager, Glencore.  

Positive and collaborative working relationships have been the corner stone to Hatch’s success with clients like Glencore for over 67 years. Through solid partnership Hatch strives to create unprecedented outcomes for our clients.  

 “Hatch applauds Glencore for taking the steps to modernize and was honored to continue to provide services to a long-standing customer as they develop more sustainable operations. They trusted us to implement a Controlled Furnace Atmosphere (CFA) system to reduce SO2 emissions, it was an industry first - no other engineering consultant had attempted to tie tail gas from an acid plant into an electric furnace before. We don’t take that trust lightly. We share this honor with them and look forward to leveraging what we learned to foster more industry firsts and advance sustainable solutions hand in hand with our clients.” - Benoit Paillé, Project Manager, Hatch.  

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