Hatch and Flyscan enter into partnership to deliver new visual inspection solutions

Global engineering, project management, and professional services giant partners with developers of world’s first accurate and sensitive airborne detector for small oil leaks to co-develop new solutions for the oil and gas industry and beyond.

September 20, 2022

Calgary, Canada—Hatch, a global engineering, project management, and professional services firm, has entered into a partnership with Flyscan, developers of an airborne oil leak and right-of-way threat detection technology. Together, Hatch and Flyscan will collaborate to develop additional applications for Flyscan’s core products to solve challenges facing Hatch’s clients in the energy, infrastructure, and metals sectors.

Flyscan’s mission is to help energy companies and all operators of long linear critical infrastructure to better protect their assets, the public, and the environment. With their airborne detection technology, coupled with a digital brain that can process complex data collection, they are able to automate detection and report multiple potential threats that can affect pipeline assets and everything that surrounds it.

Hatch has extensive, global expertise and experience throughout the oil and gas, power, metals, and infrastructure sectors, including in pipeline design for a range of industries, from oil, gas, and hydrocarbon pipelines to slurry, water, and tailings pipeline. Pipelines call for sophisticated designs that enable an uninterrupted supply of liquids and gases safely transported and in a way that’s environmentally sensitive.

Hatch will work closely with Flyscan to explore further opportunities in monitoring linear infrastructure along with other hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon assets. Hatch and Flyscan will leverage their unique skillsets to develop or enhance existing solutions, including asset data storage and data harmonization, risk prediction and mitigation, and predictive maintenance.

“We see additional uses for Flyscan's technologies in other oil and gas assets and beyond. Our rich expertise across multiple industries and sectors with similar or more complex monitoring needs provides us with insights and creative ideas, which could lead to possible future applications,” says Sanjiv Save, Hatch’s Managing Director, Oil and Gas. Robert Francki, Hatch’s Global Managing Director, Energy, adds, “we have been impressed with Flyscan’s remote sensing and visual detection platform and believe we could work together to improve their technology with our decades of experience working across the oil and gas industry."

“We are thrilled to have such a world-class, deep expertise partner as Hatch joining our group of investors. Their international presence and size in multiple critical sectors related to energy and the environment will help us reach new markets, new capabilities and really augment our global potential,” shares Eric Bergeron, Founder and CEO of Flyscan.

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