Hatch joins the International Lithium Association as a founding Associate Member

November 11, 2021

Hatch joins the International Lithium Association as a founding Associate MemberBrisbane, Australia—Hatch is pleased to announce our membership with the International Lithium Association (ILiA) as a founding Associate Member. The International Lithium Association was established in late September 2021 to provide a central, global voice for lithium producers and their stakeholders, and to promote a sustainable and responsible future for the lithium value chain.

As the world transitions towards a carbon-free future, the focus on the lithium industry to help drive the global energy revolution will bring unprecedented growth to the market. Electrification of transport vehicles, along with mass battery energy storage is accelerating, and the ILiA aims to be a central voice for the lithium industry. Its primary goals are to become a trusted source of information about lithium, to promote a greater awareness of ILiA members' environmental, social, and governance credentials, and to address key challenges faced by the industry efficiently and effectively.

“We welcome this exciting development that aligns perfectly with our goal of designing and implementing innovative technology that drives decarbonization and sustainability,” said Dr. Greg Sheehan, global director, Lithium at Hatch. “As a global engineering and construction company that operates across the full value chain, from the extraction of lithium from ore or brines to battery manufacturing and the efficient recycling of batteries, we are enthusiastic in supporting the key role of the ILiA to align, represent, and promote producer and stakeholder voices to end users, the government, and the public.”

Hatch has extensive experience in the lithium sector with a Center of Excellence in Brisbane, Australia.

“Lithium is an essential part of our modern world,” shared Joe Lombard, global managing director, Metals. “At Hatch, we are focused on the development of innovative solutions that help our clients meet the increased demands for lithium and maximize lithium’s contribution to the global energy transition. By joining ILiA, we are reinforcing our commitment to collaborating with our clients and partners to work towards a zero-carbon future.”

Our Statement on Climate Change summarizes our unwavering commitment to designing and building practical solutions that reduce the presence of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and to adapt our built environments to minimize climate change-related impacts.

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