Hatch joins ResponsibleSteel™ as an Associate Member

November 23, 2020

London, United Kingdom—Hatch is pleased to announce our membership with ResponsibleSteel™ as an Associate Member. ResponsibleSteel™ is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to defining and promoting responsible practices across the whole steel supply chain, working with key stakeholders to create positive change in the steel industry.

Steel is the world’s most widely-used material and those who use it in the transport, infrastructure, construction, and energy sectors have a growing expectation that the materials they work with are responsibly sourced and produced. Steel production has a major environmental, social, and economic impact.

“Steel is an essential part of our modern world and an important part of our business and heritage,” said Joe Lombard, Global Managing Director, Metals. “At Hatch, we are focused on the development of innovative solutions to support the responsible sourcing and production of steel, and to maximize steel’s contribution to a sustainable economy. By joining ResponsibleSteel™, we are reinforcing our commitment to collaborating with our clients and partners in the steel industry to work towards a greener, more sustainable future.”

Joe Petrolito, Managing Director, Bulk Metals, added, “Our clients are experiencing the most challenging times in recent history. Market conditions and stakeholder expectations are driving them to make proactive changes. As their needs evolve, they are looking for partners who are driven to identifying the larger, longer-term issues affecting their businesses.”

ResponsibleSteel™ has created the industry’s first global, multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative. Together with members from all stages of the steel supply chain, civil society, and downstream users, they have developed an independent certification standard and program through a process that aims to align with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice.

“We are delighted to welcome Hatch as an Associate Member to ResponsibleSteel™,” said Ali Lucas, Executive Director, ResponsibleSteel™. “We are excited to learn more from Hatch about the solutions they are working on which will help achieve the responsible sourcing and production of steel and to share this with our other members.”

Hatch’s Statement on Climate Change summarizes our unwavering commitment to designing and building practical solutions that reduce the presence of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and to adapt our built environments to minimize climate change-related impacts.

For more information about ResponsibleSteel™, visit responsiblesteel.org.

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