Nsolv Pilot Plant

Warm solvent technology extracts oil more cleanly, cost-effectively

Nsolv Corporation | Canada | 2004–2019

Safe, low-pressure operations

80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Zero water usage

Reduced capital and operating costs


Founding members of the Nsolv Corporation, Hatch and its partners have developed a novel warm solvent technology for the in situ extraction of oil that can access hard-to-reach reservoirs for a fraction of the traditional cost. 

Construct a pilot plant to prove that Nsolv's Bitumen Extraction Solvent Technology (BEST) is the best-in-class solution for sustainable and continued oil sands development.


Engineer and build a $70-million pilot plant in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. 

As plans progress, provide engineering services for the first commercial installation, with several sites under consideration worldwide.

Include a partial upgrading feature to produce lighter, cleaner oil that requires less diluent for transport and enables 20% more pipeline capacity.


130,000 barrels of oil produced during pilot operations.

BEST reduced the environmental impacts of oil extraction, eliminating water consumption while reducing energy inputs, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste.

In today's low oil-price environment, Nsolv’s benefits offer a higher rate of return on investment and produce better quality oil.

Honoree, Canada's Clean 50 and 2016 Clean16 Award, recognizing Nsolv's contribution to advancing the cause of sustainability in Canada. 


Services & technologies provided

Energy Optimization




“Nsolv is the kind of technology that has the potential to generate jobs, growth and export opportunities, and to bring lasting economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians and people around the world.”

Leah Lawrence | President & CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Nsolv

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