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Performance Innovations | Issue #2 - December 2016

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Public-private partnerships—the space where governments and investors meet. Fossil fuels? Don’t count them out yet. Cold crystallization cooling ponds methodology: new life after a 60-year hiatus. And microgrids and hybrid power systems—power to the people…and the industries we all need.

Culture shift: Automation in mining

P3s: How do we create better conversations between governments and investors?


Governments all over the world are facing a serious set of problems. They’re operating huge deficits at the same time that they have a tremendous need for high-cost infrastructure.


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Oil, gas, and the future of GTL

Oil, gas, and the future of GTL


In the last 10 years, shale gas production has exploded in North America. Shale oil has expanded in a big way, too. Can these two competing commodities continue to coexist?


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Super cool crystallization ponds

Super cool crystallization ponds


The potash industry is alive and well, boosting crop yields to feed more people and livestock all over the world. Getting there was just a matter of the right chemistry...and a whole new way of thinking.


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Power remote communities and industrial facilities

Powering remote communities and industrial facilities


Job creation. Access to modern tools, conveniences, and facilities. Cost savings and cleaner environments. Microgrid technology is a game changer for off-grid communities and industries.


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