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Hatch–CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award.

Nominate a Canadian Mining and Minerals Project online today!

The Hatch-CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award recognizes project safety programs that achieve above-average statistics, feature rigorous training, and have regular auditing.

English – online nomination form

French – online nomination form

Click here for more information on eligibility or go to the CIM Awards site.

Nominations close January 31, 2023.



How to Mitigate the Risks of Decarbonization

Robert Griesbach
Can power companies improve the resiliency of their systems to significantly reduce the possibility of outages in severe weather events? Can energy storage and microgrid capability make a significant difference? Hatch has innovative, cost-effective solutions and answers to these questions and more.

Have a listen - Social impacts of extractive projects

Dr. Fiona Martin
Dr. Fiona Martin, Hatch’s Director of Community Engagement – Australia and Asia, was recently a guest on Sheila Khama’s Extractives Podcast where she discussed the social impacts of extractive projects.

Planning for the Growth of Electric Vehicles in North America

Xiaoyou Zhang
Everyone agrees that the electric vehicle (EV) industry will grow dramatically in North America over the next decade. To prepare for such growth, utility and city planners need to be able to predict how many EVs will be in use, and how many chargers will be needed.
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What our clients say

“Over the life of the project, Hatch and Hatch Indisa personnel were not only very responsive but also helpful and reasonable in their approach to the many changes that occurred. I personally attribute this to the multicultural team, and to the leadership that was associated to the project. Cooperation and seeking the best outcome has always been the goal and was, in fact, the rule for this project.”

Michael X. Schlumpberger | Executive General Manager Operations, Highfield Resources Limited

“Hatch was able to successfully adapt to whatever was required of the team and was able to deliver a very successful project amid some challenging conditions.”

Mr. Iggy Tan | Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Resources (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd.

“Special recognition goes to all involved for making this transition virtually seamless...I know there were many long hours and critical moments. Your perseverance has paid off.”

Doug Morgan | Director, Calgary Transit (2018)

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