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Digital solutions in sustainability
In recent decades, the landscape of many industries has been revolutionized by data and digital technologies. While digital entrepreneurs have gravitated toward these sectors, an equally substantial opportunity awaits the mining and metals industry. 
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Supercharging integrated operations teams 
In a world striving for efficient and sustainable production, mining and other industries are embracing integrated operations strategies. But is a physical on-site integrated operations center or off-site integrated remote operations center always necessary? Can virtual collaboration replicate the magic of being side-by-side?  
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Blog series
This special five-part blog series began in February’s Performance Innovations newsletter. An exploration of the ways executives are thinking strategically across five key themes for their businesses, Parts 4 and 5 conclude the series and dive deep into the key trends shaping the mining and metals sector in Southern Africa.
Part 4: Navigating pathways to net zero
Many major mining companies have set their net zero commitments to 2050, with significant emissions reduction by 2030, with Southern African mining companies having set similar commitments. Key trends that are driving global movements on targets arise from stakeholder pressure, policy drivers in key operational locations, competitive advantages for greener products, and the increase in stringent customer requirements across commodity markets.
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Part 5: Maximizing value from capital spend
Throughout the last two years, there has been an uptick in capital spending by mining and metals players. The recent increase in capital projects in Southern Africa have faced several challenges, which include internal capacity to execute, availability of funding and skills, deteriorating sovereign ratings, and supply chain disruptions.
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Pulling the data thread
In the evolving journey of digital transformation, organizations are weaving a complex tapestry of data-driven strategies, emerging technologies, and innovative processes. This blog explores the pivotal role of pulling the data thread to unravel the nuances of digital transformation and understand its significance in reshaping operations, client interactions, and business models.  
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Harnessing the power of risk analytics
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where new and unexpected risks can quickly emerge, relying solely on subjective judgments can leave organizations ill-prepared to address these challenges.  How can organizations address this issue in a digital world? 
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World Water Day
Water is essential for all forms of life. It’s a basic human need, and access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, many people still lack clean and safe access, putting their health at risk. This World Water Day, we reflect on the importance of water and how to protect this precious resource.
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Hatch in the digital era
In this episode of our digital transformation podcast series, we dive into the tech trenches to explore Hatch's own digital transformation journey.
Improving environmental management in Brazil
Hatch and the Center for Studies in Ecosystem Restoration have partnered to improve environmental management in the region with a goal to develop training for specialized technical professionals.
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Moving London forward
Central London Forward, in partnership with the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Southwark, published its Moving London Forward report in support the Bakerloo Line Upgrade and Extension (BLUE). Produced by Hatch, the report addresses urgent action that needs to be taken.
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Toronto’s East Harbour Transit Hub
Hatch has entered into an Alliance Development Agreement (ADA) for the East Harbour Transit Hub, which will be delivered as part of Toronto’s SmartTrack Stations Program. Hatch is the Lead Design Participant and will provide architectural, engineering, project management, and advisory services to support the development of the Hub.
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