In this issue... Engaging great people who make a difference
Engaging great people who make a difference
With optimism for the year ahead, we reflect on how our communities came together to face the tremendous challenges of 2020. Through generosity, resilience, and kindness, we united to look after one another. It’s this spirit that will help us continue to move forward in 2021.
Solving our clients’ toughest challenges in the water industry
In a world that is rapidly evolving, our clients need proactive responses to emerging issues. We are pleased to announce our integration with Hydromantis, the supplier of choice for innovative water resources recovery and water management software solutions.
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CRC ORE announces Grade Engineering® commercialization partnership
Developed by CRC ORE, Grade Engineering® is an innovative suite of Australian-developed mining technologies. As CRC ORE’s commercialization partner, we are set to take this technology worldwide.
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Partnering to support Canada’s small modular reactor action plan
The Government of Canada has launched its small modular reactor (SMR) action plan. The report outlines the progress and ongoing efforts to turn the SMR road map into reality.
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Nine opportunities for digital innovation in mining and mineral processing
A recent research study reveals important insights on digital innovation in the global resources sector, where there is a digital gap. Here are nine opportunities for companies trying to navigate the challenging path through digital innovation.
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Mind the gap! The international shortage of rail systems engineers
As many organizations struggle to resource projects because of staffing shortages, the rail industry runs the risk of stalled technical advancements. Here is a look into the past, present, and future of the international shortage of rail systems engineers.
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Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World
The “Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World” research study will examine how over one hundred and fifty cities harness technology to drive resilience, sustainability, and citizen-centricity. Here are some highlights from our Urban Solutions experts.
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Nominations are open for the Hatch–CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award
The Hatch-CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award recognizes project safety programs that achieve above-average statistics, feature rigorous training, and have regular auditing. Until February 16, 2021, the CIM is accepting nominations for the 2021 award.
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Working Together Safely Forum virtual series
In 2020, we hosted our annual client safety forum–Working Together Safely–on a virtual platform through a series of three webinars. Topics focused on mental health during the pandemic, travel safety, and an award-winning project. Read more »
Supporting New York City Transit with cleaning and disinfection of subway cars and buses
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City Transit needed immediate support for the interior cleaning and disinfection of its subway and bus fleets. This required implementing a virus mitigation program in a dense urban environment with minimal effects on daily operations. Read more »
Responding to the energy transition
For centuries, we’ve relied on fossil fuels for power generation. Today, the realities of climate change are transforming the global energy mix, and our world. Read more »
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