Hardisty Operational Crude Tank

Installation of crude tank at Hardisty Pipeline Terminal

Husky Midstream | Hardisty, Alberta, Canada | 2019-2020

Installation of a 500,000 bbl tank

Increased the maximum tank height from 14.6 metres to 24.4 metres

Design of three nominal pipe size NPS 36 pipelines


  • The Hardisty Operational Crude Tank includes the installation of a new crude oil tank at the North Campus at the Hardisty Pipeline Terminal.
  • The Hardisty Terminal is part of the Hardisty Pipeline Complex which includes various major terminal and pipeline operators.
  • The scope of this project is to add a 500,000 bbl tank, complete with internal Sandborn floating roof.


  • This tank will be connected from the existing inlet/outlet piping already constructed within the tank cell to the North Campus section of the Hardisty Terminal.
  • The tank will be installed in a common containment berm with an existing 300,000 bbl nominal capacity tank. Both tanks will receive and store Lloydminster Blend (LLB) crude from LLB Midpoint and Wainwright pipelines.
  • Also included in the scope is the installation of three nominal pipe size NPS 36 pipelines by HDD method from the North Campus to the South Campus.


  • The construction of the operational tank is being completed in the same time frame as an additional two 500,000 bbl tanks. These tanks will be located in a common, expanded tank cell.
  • Significant pre-fabrication work was completed off-site to enhance early in-service date.
  • All design aspects of the project were completed with continual support and input from field operations.

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