Chez Hatch, nous ne ménageons aucun effort pour entretenir des partenariats concrets avec nos clients et les communautés dans lesquelles nous exerçons nos activités. Nous faisons tout en notre pouvoir pour aider et soutenir les communautés locales en leur proposant des solutions d’énergie propre, en contribuant à l’éducation des jeunes et en menant des activités philanthropiques.

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Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art inspires solutions of the future

In order to solve the issues of the day and of the future—today’s engineer must be able to take his or her traditional knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and broaden that scope, drawing inspiration from a variety of influences. This broadened scope and lens through which we view the world will help us to imagine the solutions for the society of the future.

John Bianchini, Hatch’s chief executive officer explains, “The ability to combine our business and technical acumen with more of the ‘right-brain thinking’ is what will allow us as an organization to be more imaginative and bolder in our pursuit of creating a better world. Art inspires us to do that. That’s why we are integrating a more holistic approach to engineering leadership into our leadership development plans, something I call renaissance engineering.”

Odin's Journey by Abraham Anghik Ruben
Abraham Anghik Ruben, Odin's Journey, Mississauga, 2017
Supporting this new way forward, on October 12, 2017, Bianchini welcomed clients, colleagues, community delegates, and Indigenous partners at Hatch’s global delivery center located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to celebrate the opening of the new Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art. The temporary art display includes three pieces from master sculptor Abraham Anghik Ruben, a contemporary artist of Indigenous descent and an Order of Canada recipient. The subject of Abraham Anghik Ruben’s master works draws from his own upbringing and experiences, and depicts the importance of the relationship between European cultures and that of Indigenous people—in the past and serving as a reminder of how contemporary contributions from Indigenous people are influential in today’s modern world.

“As we continue to partner with our clients to tackle the tough, there is one principle that cannot be ignored. We must always consider the views of the communities in which we work. Challenging ourselves to think differently on how we approach challenging projects will help us in this endeavour,” adds Bianchini.

In the future, the Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art will feature and support other artists within the community.

Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art
Abraham Anghik Ruben at the unveiling of the Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hatch's CEO, John Bianchini, and master sculptor, Chief Stacey LaForme


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