The future of affordable living in Australia

By Mike Day | September 25, 2023

In a bustling world where cities are becoming increasingly crowded, the answer to Australia's affordable living crisis might lie in "micro-mobility." Mike Day, an expert in urban planning and design at Hatch, dives into this innovative concept in the latest issue of Architecture and Design Australia.

Micro-mobility encompasses lightweight transportation such as e-bikes, electric scooters, and skateboards, offering a solution to long commutes and skyrocketing transportation costs. Mike Day highlights the potential savings by switching from car ownership to e-bikes, and their positive impact on reducing carbon emissions.


But the road to micro-mobility success isn't without its challenges. Day emphasizes the need for dedicated lanes and integration into existing road networks. Forward-thinking governments and councils are eager to embrace these ideas, but safety concerns and infrastructure improvements are key hurdles.   

As our cities evolve, micro-mobility could be the key to a more affordable and sustainable way of life. Read the full article in Architecture and Design Australia to explore this transformative concept and its potential to reshape our urban landscapes.

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