Raglan Mine Integrated Wind-Storage-Diesel Energy

Glencore and Tugliq Energy Co. | Canada | 2012–2019

6 MW
of wind power

3 MW
of energy storage

4 million litres
per year of diesel saved

Environmental Excellence Award
Towards Sustainable Mining - 2016


  • Reduce energy costs, reliance on diesel fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions on a remote mining project.
  • Integrate wind power into the mine's energy mix in such a way that grid power quality and stability is maintained.
  • Overcome Arctic conditions and severe wind power variability.
  • Prove energy storage technology suitable for Arctic condition and high wind power penetration.


  • Introduced utility-scale wind turbine with energy storage integrated with diesel generators at the mine.
  • Project evaluates three technologies: flywheel, lithium-ion battery, and electrolyser with fuel cell and hydrogen tanks.
  • Designed and implemented the Hatch Microgrid (HμGrid), which monitors demand for wind power and supply variations, and economically dispatches the charger and discharge from energy storage units to smooth out wind power variations and displace diesel generation.


  • 2019 Mercuriades Award of Excellence in sustainability development strategy.
  • First-of-its-kind project.
  • Engineering and construction was fast-tracked to be completed within the short Arctic summer construction window; the project was completed within budget.
  • Successfully worked with the power plant operators who operate both gensets and wind power in order to maintain the grid stability.
  • 18,000 site hours with zero lost-time injuries.

Project numbers

10 million litres of diesel displaced by wind power
45,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions saved
97% wind power availability

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