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<1% of mining data 

is currently used to make decisions

Investment in IT

is 5 times less in resource industries


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The challenge

If you’re running a major processing facility, power plant, manufacturing operation—almost anything—chances are your operations could use a check-up. Demands for commodities are in decline, prices are volatile, and productivity is low. And, with new pressures from regulatory agencies and sustainability demands, the health of your facilities and business are likely at risk.

You feel the symptoms. But what’s the treatment? Some say digital operations are the way of the future, but how does this translate into more product, better safety, and an extension of your facility’s life cycle? Systems can be empowering and data even more so—but only if it’s accurate, connected, and timely, adding value to your bottom line.

The global mining industry is a case in point. It’s obviously in pain, and sweating assets will only go so far. A mine needs to be a system; connected through the Internet of Things, applying data analytics, visualization technologies, autonomous equipment, and cloud computing, to name a few.

The data already exists and we’ve got a diagnosis. Now it’s time for the cure. Technology needs to be applied and invested in if you're going to extract the benefits and get your business on the road to health.

Our response

Performance innovation centers: With access to the right data, we can improve your operations remotely, no matter where they are in the world. Our center delivers turnkey solutions, improving the health of your assets and processes. We combine world-class industry expertise in one location, developing control solutions that reduce variability, impacting yields and margins throughout your operation.The best people, the most advanced digital analytics.

Predictive asset management: We’re upping the game. We’re making equipment become smart enough to predict when it needs attention. To know when to call 911 before there's a failure. We extract meaningful patterns in assets and operator’s performance, and provide real-time alerts and preventative measures.

Value chain decision making: Today’s operations are characterized by scale and complexity. But with the right information, your people become empowered. They eliminate those unintended silos, making better decisions based on the existing business context, their deep organizational knowledge, the right data and the ability to see across the entire supply chain.


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