Alvaro Rozo

Together, mining and digital will forge brave new worlds, better futures

Alvaro Rozo | Modern Mining, The Sustainable Business Model, Responsible Energy, Digital Transformation | December 21, 2017
With the value of mining stocks falling dramatically in recent years and the market for sustainable products growing exponentially, many commodities have reached a critical point. They must transform themselves to be competitive and redefine their value to their shareholders.
Thessygan Moodley

Road mapping digital transformation

Thessy Moodley | Modern Mining, Digital Transformation | December 7, 2017
Today, operators believe the digital revolution to be a game-changer. All eyes are on the prize, hoping it will produce step changes in safety, productivity, cost efficiency, and overall performance.
Michel Carreau

Energy storage: a kW saved is a kW earned

Michel Carreau | Responsible Energy, Modern Mining | December 6, 2017
Rising energy prices. Carbon-emitting fuels. An aging grid and transmission system, already challenged by constantly increasing power loads. Could today’s new energy storage technologies be the answer?
Carlo Cristofari

Get an experienced guide to the digital ecosystem

Carlo Cristofari | Modern Mining, Digital Transformation | November 27, 2017
Broad in scope and complex in detail, the digital transformation so many companies are undergoing is more of a journey than a destination. Here are ten things you should know to help you better manage your digital ecosystem.
James Marzocca

Improving safety performance: the journey to zero harm

James Marzocca | Health & Safety | September 8, 2017
Zero harm should be the ultimate safety goal for any operation or organization. By doing more right things right—and doing them consistently—we believe it can be achieved.
Alvaro Rozo

Standards and guidelines are mining’s next frontier

Alvaro Rozo | Modern Mining, Digital Transformation | August 30, 2017
Mining and mineral processing have traditionally been slow to collaborate, hesitant to change. No longer. The Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group is bringing the sector together to develop much-needed guidelines and practices.
Janice Bolen

Steel and sustainability: new ideas, better solutions

Janice Bolen | The Sustainable Business Model, Responsible Energy, Modern Mining | August 16, 2017
The whole world is working to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. The steel industry is stepping up too, finding new ways to curb energy consumption and become more environmentally sustainable.
Martin Hamel

How small gains become big wins for wind turbine owners

Martin Hamel | Responsible Energy, The Sustainable Business Model, Digital Operations | August 14, 2017
Wind farms are designed to generate power for as much as 20 or 30 years. So even small improvements in production can mean big financial wins for owners.
Jen Wojtaszek

For industrial developers, collaboration is the price of admission

Jen Wojtaszek | The Sustainable Business Model | August 11, 2017
Participation agreements make sure local communities aren't sidelined when new mines or processing operations start to produce material benefits. But developers need to do more if they want to leave a lasting, positive legacy.