Jen Wojtaszek

For industrial developers, collaboration is the price of admission

Jen Wojtaszek | The Sustainable Business Model | August 11, 2017
Participation agreements make sure local communities aren't sidelined when new mines or processing operations start to produce material benefits. But developers need to do more if they want to leave a lasting, positive legacy.
Dave Van Rensburg

Three things to keep in mind for port master planning

David Van Rensburg | The Sustainable Business Model, Smart Cities | July 10, 2017
Typically, master plans for ports tend to focus on the physical requirements needed to meet the demands of the market. There are three critical factors that planners should bear in mind when considering options for new ones.
Jim Law

Managing risk for predictable outcomes

Jim Law | Responsible Energy | June 22, 2017
In construction, poor or ineffective risk management can mean trouble. Always, the goal must be surety of outcome—no surprises.
Alexander Quinn

The economic benefits of water

Alexander Quinn | Smart Cities, Water Development | June 5, 2017
By closing the water infrastructure gap, the United States could gain $220 billion in annual economic activity. Additional investments in water and wastewater infrastructure could mean 1.3 million high-quality, above-average-paying jobs.
Olivia Gamache

Sustainable businesses earn their keep

Olivia Gamache | The Sustainable Business Model | May 31, 2017
Today, like never before, big business is expected to take responsibility for things that go far beyond profit margins and the bottom line.