Innocentia Mahlangu

Innocentia Mahlangu

Project Manager, Project Delivery Group

After graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2012, Innocentia didn’t hesitate to join the Hatch team. With a passion for problem-solving and a dedication to making a difference, Innocentia was drawn to Hatch because of the company’s willingness to tackle the tough, taking on some of the world’s most challenging projects. Since joining Hatch, Innocentia has taken on roles that combine both technical and project management skills including being a design engineer and a resident engineer on-site, and having roles in construction management, project controls, and project management.

Now, as project manager for the Project Delivery Group, Innocentia is responsible for the delivery of projects within the scope, cost, and scheduled timeline, and ensures that projects are delivered safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

In her spare time, Innocentia is dedicated to mentoring young female engineers at the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Cape Town, and enjoys hiking and travelling. Innocentia’s next travel destination? Peru, to tackle Machu Pichu!

What does positive change mean to you?

"Being unconditionally honest! I take on our clients’ projects as my own – if I don’t think something is in their best interest, I will make sure that’s known.”

How are you changing the world?

“I see my role in contributing to positive change as being part of a team that considers the social impact of projects and incorporating this in our project delivery approach. As project managers, we are entrusted to develop project delivery strategies which, in addition to bringing value to our clients, have a lasting positive impact on the communities where we work.”

What do you think are the toughest challenges facing your clients?

“Often financing can be one of the toughest challenges facing our clients, especially for complex projects. Our role as trusted advisors is to understand the client’s business case so that we can develop engineering solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Our approach focuses on delivering value by looking into innovative, sustainable project delivery strategies that will achieve the client’s goal, regardless of project complexity.”

What are you most proud of?

“One of my greatest accomplishments was being named by the Mail & Guardian as one of 2018's  top 200 young South Africans shaping the country’s future.”

What do you like most about working at Hatch? How do you think the Hatch culture is different from other companies?

“Hatch encourages a flat, connected organization. If I need to connect with senior leadership, I can, no questions asked. There is also a very strong culture of mentorship which has given me the opportunity to take on different roles across various sectors and areas of business allowing me to continually progress in my career.”