Zinc Sulfide Concentrate Treatment

Skorpion Zinc | Namibia | 2009

6 flow sheet

options developed

5 years

implementation schedule duration


  • Different flow sheet options for processing zinc sulfide concentrate assessed and evaluated to extend the existing operation
  • Six flow sheet options to be developed to FEL1 level
  • Provide Skorpion Zinc with information for viability assessments and financial modeling to determine best options to get to FEL2


  • Initial assessment vetted the suggested flow sheet options and included additional alternatives
  • Six flow sheet options were developed to FEL1 level
  • Each included process design criteria, process flow diagrams, mass and energy balance, equipment list, conceptual layout, capital and operating cost estimates, project plan, and schedule


  • A detailed understanding of the acid balance for each flow sheet option was particularly important. Otherwise, an accurate evaluation could not have been made.

“Thanks very much for the final deliverables and a well-managed project, delivering within budget and on time!”

Herman Fuls | Project Manager, Skorpion Zinc

Project numbers

R300 M (2009 basis) lowest capital cost option
R2.1 B (2009 basis) highest capital cost option

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